Example sentences of "but [vb mod] give " in BNC.

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1 The use of other envelopes will not invalidate the transaction but may give rise to delays .
2 These experiments are at much lower energies than at CERN , but should give a clearer signal as there is little complication from background .
3 The teacher does not need to know exactly what will happen and can not usefully plan a story line very far ahead , but should give a great deal of thought to the organisation of the lesson : How will groups be divided ?
4 Perhaps there are clues in the archetype of the Great Mother ; we must bear in mind , though , that we can not go back to some primitive image of the priestess , but must give it life and meaning in today 's terms .
5 The main purpose of Marx 's economic theory is to explain the phenomenon of surplus value in the capitalist system and the reason why capitalism as an economic system can not survive but must give way to socialism .
6 If the petition has not been served within sufficient time or at all , the petition creditor can apply for an adjournment but must give the reason why the petition has not been served ( r 6.28 ) .
7 Where there is a judgment for personal injuries ( or death ) which exceeds £200 the court has no discretion but must give interest under ( a ) above unless the court is satisfied that there are special reasons to the contrary ( see Jefford v Gee [ 1970 ] All ER 1202 and Birkett v Hayes [ 1982 ] 2 All ER 710 ) .
8 The court may terminate a guardian 's appointment at any time but must give its reasons in writing for doing so .
9 Endorsement by IOSCO would not only enhance the IASC 's credibility but could give it the opportunity to expand its work .
10 you know , they were willing to share what I had but could give nothing financially in return .
11 I feel sceptical but would give them a try I believe they work but only in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise
12 DEC also said it would provide R4000-based daughter cards to upgrade existing R3000 DECstations and DECsystems , but would give no indication as to whether it would proceed with MIPS beyond the R4000 , or concentrate on Alpha .
13 In the result the justices on the second day of the hearing , the evidence having been taken the day before and the justices having indicated that they had reached a decision but would give their reasons the next day , made not an interim care order but two prohibited steps orders .
14 We have a backlog of sites awaiting shelters , but would give priority to providing one at this location if you consider that this would be helpful .
15 According to Soviet sources , however , the US side had softened its previous position that Najibullah would have to be removed from power before elections could be held , and was now considering a compromise under which he would remain President but would give up control of the military , the security police and the media to non-partisan bodies .
16 so much for international success … what about Swindon … he has n't scored for them in the league yet … but would give anything … and everything to get amongst the goals
17 Confirming that the dead boy was James Bulger , who disappeared while out shopping with his mother on Friday , a police spokesman said a post-mortem examination had established the cause of death , but would give no details other than to say : ‘ We are now treating it as murder . ’
18 The engine shares a common block with the 3 litre and the pistons are interchangeable but will give a slightly higher compression ratio To go to 3 litres change the crankshaft and con rods for the 3 litre items It would be beneficial to change the camshaft as well to the 3 litre All the parts interchange as it is basically the same unit
19 If you want to do this for yourself the following method is not quite so accurate , but will give you the general idea .
20 It 's not a highly technical sleeping bag as the price reflects , but will give you a good night sleep at temperatures down to the zero degree mark .
21 The new London store will have much in common with the Paris emporium , but will give men 's fashion a much higher profile .
22 I will not dwell much longer on conformal mapping ( this is incidentally the term most often used for describing the method ) but will give a few more examples .
23 The further research here will continue to study highly skilled people but will give special attention to the problems of acquisition .
24 the expert sailers say its not a beginners ' boat but will give an exciting performance … they think it will be a good test of skill … and it 's a great boat to sail … it 's fantastic … just the craft to be in
25 The infrastructure projects unveiled yesterday were not unexpected , but will give a welcome fillip to the construction sector .
26 ‘ These changes are not panaceas but can give a one-year useful boost to earnings , ’ said investment trust expert Robin Angus .
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