Example sentences of "not be [verb] " in BNC.

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1 However , despite contact with patients between one and three times per week , the unmet needs in groups C and D suggest that certain community nurses either may not be carrying out the assessment tasks effectively or may not be reassessing clients adequately .
2 As the child 's mobility increases , accidents are often related to play , and when constant adult surveillance can not be assured , young children can at least be protected by being put in a playpen or securely fastened in a bouncing cradle ( placed on the floor ) , highchair or pram .
3 If this can not be assured , then the person may require admission to a psychiatric unit .
4 The developer may , for example , be very happy to improve a road junction as an essential prerequisite to his proposed development , but often this can not be assured by a condition .
5 The moral or ideological considerations that inform domestic politics provide an inappropriate basis for action , whether in relation to Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s or Yugoslavia in the 1990s — particularly when a positive outcome in terms of power and prestige can not be assured .
6 Examination of the behaviour of equilibrium paths in simple models suggests that convergence to a steady state may or may not be assured .
7 The fall in output was largely due to a shortage of electricity which by November could not be assured for more than two hours a day .
8 The value of extra years of life diminishes however if one or more of these quality factors declines or can not be assured .
9 The intractable fact of the matter is that in terms of archaeological time scales the operational continuity of contemporary hardware can not be assured even when suitable specimens are available to begin with .
10 They felt that the aggressive behaviour and attention-seeking which are more prevalent among males should not be reinforced by teacher responses .
11 The influence of such deposits on Eurocurrency growth should perhaps not be over-stated .
12 The importance of PR at lower hierarchical levels can not be over-stated , ( e.g. from the way the secretary answers the telephone to the attitude of the company 's delivery person ) .
13 The transformation of subjects into citizens can not be secured by Acts of Parliament alone . ’
14 Only market failure can justify vertical integration , for example where F is one of a limited number of sources of a critical supply , or where the supplier-customer relationship requires trust and secrecy which can not be secured at arm 's length .
15 If agreement to purchase land needed for particular projects can not be secured and a compulsory purchase order is made , persons affected may object .
16 On an internal flight returning to Bucharest , the emergency door in the middle of the plane fell inwards and could not be re-secured until the aircraft had made an emergency landing .
17 The importance of this can not be overstated if this flow of information is to continue .
18 His influence in stemming the Swansea flow could not be overstated and he now looks certain to face his fellow countrymen in two weeks ' time .
19 Here , the value of well-documented museum collections or excavated finds can not be overstated .
20 The importance of the Second World War to this generation can not be overstated .
21 None the less , the importance of the obligation to respect the wishes of the patient can not be overstated .
22 The value of identifying a single main message can not be overstated .
23 However , although heterogeneous catalysis is still more an empirical art than an exact science , its usefulness can not be overstated .
24 The value of live foods as mentioned earlier can not be overstated .
25 The importance of ‘ pause ’ periods , both short and long term , can not be overstated !
26 However , the comparison with pension fund management should not be overstated .
27 But this movement into the temples must not be overstated .
28 The importance of reproducing cultural capital can not be overstated .
29 Once more , the implications of infancy for the child 's future life and happiness can not be overstated : this applies to sexual happiness no less than any other , and may well apply particularly to this area of life .
30 However , the link between planning and state ownership should not be overstated : all companies of any size plan .
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