Example sentences of "are [adv] [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 These materials are predominantly based on siloxy methacrylates , which contain branched dimethyl siloxane substituents on a methacrylate stem .
2 jobs which represent an extension of the wife-mother role , such as nursing and teaching , and those which require an attractive image , such as secretaries , are predominantly filled by women .
3 Bile acids in the rat are predominantly conjugated with taurine .
4 Six of these are intended for documents which are predominantly composed of one type of text ; the other two are provided for use with texts which combine these basic tagsets .
5 The major large lipid molecules of plasma — triglycerides , cholesterol , cholesterol esters and phospholipids — are predominantly transported by stable complex water-soluble macromolecules , designated lipoproteins .
6 In all of the cells for which lipid compositional asymmetries have been described the negatively charged phospholipids are predominantly located in the inner leaflet of the plasma membrane , while the zwitterionic phospholipids , containing the phosphorylcholine headgroup , are found in the outer leaflet .
7 The changes in O 3 concentrations are predominantly confined to the latitude band of injections in July .
8 Lest the reader may point out that the examples so far are predominantly drawn from small countries and affecting only small populations , others , such as areas of China and India are discussed elsewhere in this book .
9 These areas are predominantly used to rear hardy beef cattle and sheep which are sold in the autumn to be finished elsewhere .
10 Price promotions are predominantly used by fast-moving consumer goods producers , especially in the grocery trade .
11 BRS users are predominantly found in the legal , government , security and publishing sectors .
12 Erm , I think Yeltsin 's threat as it were to the Ukrainian is actually a diplomatic move , he wants Ukraine to remain within the Soviet Union , er and if it does so he 's not going to make an issue of the border , but , er , if it does break away completely I think what he 's saying is well there 's a frontier that we 're going to have to reconsider because large Eastern areas of Ukraine including huge industrial towns are predominantly populated by Russians .
13 By now you should have discovered whether you are predominantly left or right-brained , thought about developing your creativity and learned about the influences on your mind and how to quieten it .
14 Barthes 's ‘ Introduction to the structural analysis of narrative ’ deals with more than one level of narrative , but presumes that they are hierarchically arranged and that , therefore , to a certain extent , they can be discussed separately .
15 Erm , I 'll try and summarise them A perce an understanding of perception , whereby we say that i features are hierarchically extracted , is unable to deal with ambiguous input .
16 All actual human societies , as we can now observe them , whether they be large or small , complex or simple , are hierarchically ordered .
17 The main syntactic universal upon whose existence both Chomsky and Sampson are agreed is that all sentences of natural language are hierarchically structured .
18 There is an argument of increasing popularity with government and some of the advisers to government , that since comprehensive schools are widely seen to do worse for their pupils than selective schools in terms of examination results , and since so many people , if they can afford it , are removing their children from the maintained comprehensive sector to independent schools ( which are broadly speaking selective ) a way must be found for government to supply non-comprehensive schools , in the interests of the country as a whole .
19 The FDA 's audacious new tactics gained massive media coverage and are widely seen as only the beginning of a serious assault on products whose labelling is thought to violate federal law .
20 In Egypt , attacks by Islamic extremists are widely condemned by all parties , and the people stand firm behind the government .
21 These rules are still of value and are widely followed throughout Europe and Asia .
22 The large-flowered trumpet daffodils are widely grown everywhere , but some of those with short , contrasting cups are just as attractive as the trumpet varieties , and there are charming miniatures too
23 As well as cereals , root crops — particularly potatoes and sugar beet — are widely grown on the best arable land , whilst in areas nearer the big cities , vegetables are most profitable , particularly on well-drained sandy loams .
24 Rhizobium seeding , either by direct inoculation into soil or by inoculating legume seeds , has been successful in North America where soya beans are widely grown in soils where there are no naturally occurring rhizobial bacteria .
25 He puts great emphasis on the difficulties of prediction , and urges that where there are rules to which people do in fact adhere for the most part , and which help maintain the social stability required for any kind of good to flourish , we are likely to come nearest to doing what is objectively right ( in terms of its actual consequences ) if we also stick to the rules , but that where the rules , however useful they would be if generally obeyed , are widely flouted we should make a direct judgement of what will have the best consequences .
26 Graduates are widely sought after and experience little difficulty in securing employment with excellent career prospects .
27 The time may well arrive — indeed , that process is now under way — when the notion of the supremacy of the institutions of the Community and the primacy of Community law have become so firmly established that they are widely acknowledged to be a feature of the United Kingdom 's constitutional landscape .
28 Holist explanations are widely acknowledged to play a vital part in our understanding of the social world .
29 The tremendous achievements in economic , social and political reforms are widely acknowledged , and prompted the IMF and World Bank to extend their economic-assistance programmes to Egypt .
30 We can reveal that ministers will come under increasing pressure from a range of new research on the plight of elderly people , who are widely beaten , tormented or robbed by relatives or carers .
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