Example sentences of "not [adv] a " in BNC.

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1 The warning notices pointing out the danger of bullets are not altogether a bluff .
2 My position as a leader of a great party was not altogether a comfortable one .
3 Her face was thinner , not altogether a good thing , and she 'd had her hair coloured too , a sort of pale version of the colour it used to be .
4 Our own Planning Committee County Council Planning Committee recommends route A on environmental and ecological grounds and route A is the popular choice the town speak and the Brandon Action Group and indeed the Suffolk member of Parliament , however the Norfolk County Council and the Weeting Parish Council oppose for the day and the Norfolk Member of Parliament supports their case , worth noting that Breckland District Council , the local planning authority in Norfolk also opposes for a day , now though it appears to be so this is not altogether a case of
5 This was not altogether an exaggeration as he had lost much of his stomach in his operation and was supposed to be on a rigid diet .
6 These men , with stories of their womanizing , boozing and brawling , were dubbed the ‘ Rat Pack ’ by the press , not altogether an affectionate term .
7 What she really meant was that the child 's affections were being alienated ; this was not wholly a fair charge .
8 The ability to propagate cracks freely under a small stress was not wholly a disadvantage to primitive man who was thus able to shape flint and obsidian , which are more or less natural glasses , into various cutting tools .
9 He was not wholly a man of nostalgia , and the road accident which cost him his son at the age of 21 all but destroyed his religious faith .
10 This is not wholly a sociological .
11 Yet it was clear that Branson was not properly a creature of the industry in the manner of his contemporaries .
12 On the other hand we can decide that this is not properly an intervention at all , but the paraphrased rendering of an insight about language whose formulation belongs not to de Man but to Proust .
13 Not thereby an unimportant art , but not an art which yields something which could be a proper object of worship .
14 He cites ‘ the interest of scholarship and fair-mindedness ’ , which are as it happens rather grand terms , but is it not rather a matter of free speech than of insinuation or imprecation ?
15 Is it not rather a triumph actually to have Mr Swinton here ? ’
16 The metopes presumably came from an earlier monument of the same city , not apparently a treasury but an open colonnade , perhaps a baldacchino to shelter but not conceal some large offering .
17 Indeed , as the operation wore on , badly in need of justification , peace became one of the chief pretexts for it ; and not entirely a pretext .
18 The excitement of the cows was not entirely a reaction to the discomfort of being driven along hard and dusty roads .
19 The gymslip Lolita is not entirely a figment of the male imagination .
20 The Ranger series of spacecraft for impacting the Moon were not entirely a success story ; but the soft landing Surveyors , which followed them , were .
21 Not entirely a failure , ’ she said .
22 In the view of many discerning pop fans , The Farm are , of course , shite , the most recent and worst atrocity being their ‘ reading ’ ( or should we say brief flick through , glancing at the pictures ) of ‘ Do n't You Want Me ’ , which , contrary to popular belief , is not entirely a third-rate copy of the Human League original .
23 Once comedy was given the incentive to develop it soon leapt ahead of the dramatic film : suddenly there emerged a handful of geniuses and this was not entirely a matter of chance .
24 Nevertheless , this attitude was probably not entirely a matter of hubris since the Treasury may well have had genuine doubts as to the potential effectiveness of planning [ Brittan , 1971 ] .
25 Even so , the question of the ‘ pistol gangs ’ was not entirely a mare 's nest .
26 But his actions were perhaps not entirely a matter of cynical expediency .
27 His was not entirely a list of subjects and their meanings , and he preferred to make the interpretation by considering a sequence of dreams , and even the personality and circumstances of the dreamer .
28 Haverford was not entirely a fool .
29 It is perhaps not entirely a coincidence that his question was due to be answered today and the representations from the two trade unions arrived in the Department yesterday .
30 I 'm not entirely a playboy , and I 'm better than Tom Holdfast at some of the things we have to do .
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