Example sentences of "he have from " in BNC.

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1 One , he has from the start recognized your talent ; and two , he is in love with you . ’
2 Will the hon. Gentleman tell the constituent of mine who is over 21 and earns £50 for a 40-hour week why he has taken a greater percentage of the young man 's earnings than he has from his right hon. and hon. Friends who go to the City and , for part-time work , earn hundreds of thousands of pounds ?
3 If the right hon. Member has the evidence , he should place it before the Home Secretary , the police and other appropriate authorities rather than come here , in the time off that he has from his interviews on Sky , to make wild accusations about everyone involved in immigration matters .
4 When Julie Christie , that blonde in Billy Liar , appears as the fashion model of the British-financed Darling ( 1965 ) , Schlesinger remains as distant from his central character , a woman who plays with the emotions of many men and destroys her own happiness by her quest for a good time , as he had from Vic or Billy .
5 MacLachlan , moreover , was not averse to seeking further advantages for himself , for while acknowledging Milton 's assistance in getting him a tack of two farms in Morvern for nineteen years , which would scarcely appear to be a short lease , he complained that he had been informed that other tenants had obtained tacks of three times the length of that which he had from the Duke of Argyll , urging that he could ‘ be as usefull as any in that Countrey by introduceing a cheap method of improvement and otherwise ’ .
6 We had spent a week at La Bérade — that little unspoilt mountain hamlet deep within the Dauphiné massif where Eric shipton stayed in 1925 for his first alpine season ; and though we 'd found the mountains bathed in light and little snow around as we drove slowly up the battered but stupendous road from St Christoph through Les Etages , his words about the view he had from the bus exactly mirrored our mood as we peered up through a windscreen at the hills :
7 He had from me that gift with subtle ties , freedom without complaint ; subtle ties and guaranteed disillusion .
8 Whatever the fault he had from the start ,
9 He looked younger close-up than he had from a distance .
10 Although he remained a royal chaplain until at least 1644 , Young evidently did not enjoy the same regard from Charles I or Archbishop William Laud [ q.v. ] as he had from James I. His activities as dean of Winchester are recorded in his diary , preserved in Winchester Cathedral .
11 By comparison with music , the visual arts barely touched him ( a fact presumably connected with the poor eyesight he had from birth ) , but he possessed a strong feeling for poetry , especially Romantic poetry .
12 We got to know all the money he had from these grants to get all these machines and all these .
13 In the book , John pays tribute to the help he had from RAF Lyneham psychiatrist , Gordon Turnbull .
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