Example sentences of "he [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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1 They had continued to write , frequently at first , then more and more seldom , and only once more had he heard from him , by chance , after long years : married , a father , in a high judicial position .
2 Who was he , and where had he come from ?
3 How far had he come from Hause Point !
4 Kid , he come from India .
5 Where had he come from ? ’
6 Where had he come from ?
7 But he erm he was once burned very severely with one of them blowing out , and he 's b he suffered from it all his life after that .
8 What had he got from the talk ?
9 What has happened with him since , since he became more of a big newspaper owner , is he shifted from that and he has been known to support a Labour government in Australia and a Tory government in Britain at the same time and George Bush in the United States while supporting Keating or Bob Hawk in Australia .
10 Is he tired from his hectic battle with the goblins ?
11 Where had he sprung from ?
12 The ten divisions of the French Fifth Army and the four divisions of the BEF had , therefore , on the instructions of General Joseph Joffre , virtually put their heads into a noose , for they could easily he assailed from the north by the German First and Second armies and by the Third Army from the east .
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