Example sentences of "at the same " in BNC.

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1 At the same time we appointed a Romanian , Ana Ureche , to coordinate and represent our work .
2 It is not yet clear how many of the almost 80 other prisoners freed at the same time were held for political reasons .
3 Moscow , USSR : At the same time , 12,000 miles away , a delegation from Amnesty 's International Secretariat is making plans for a fledgling Moscow Group to participate in the Women in the Front Line campaign .
4 But at the same time he was both transmitter and receiver , so to speak .
5 Wölflinn was trying to isolate a visual denominator which , he claimed , was common to all works produced at the same time .
6 The catalogue as a whole is thus a document in the history of taste , a historical account , and at the same time contains some art criticism , not always explicit in evaluating the works shown .
7 To it we owe that nervous , spidery line of the drawings — so quick , so attentive , yet so despairing — that alerts us to the elusiveness of the subject at the same time that it perseveres in the attempt to render it .
8 This sort of copy is at the same time description and interpretation , the salient points being brought out by the copyist , who gains greater understanding of a masterpiece by his work .
9 At the same time , the reader can be made to feel that , on closer inspection , the country 's politics might prove to be antics too .
10 At the same time , the novel finds more to object to in the less objectionable aspects of these activities than many readers might anticipate .
11 At the same time , he has wandered some distance from his kin , in spirit .
12 Metty is a misfit , as Golding 's Matty is in Darkness Visible , a novel which appeared at the same time as Naipaul 's .
13 At the same time , these hardships are a focus of his attention .
14 At the same time , both here and in Hawksmoor , Ackroyd , too , is his own man .
15 ‘ This verse described a boy who had been trembling in front of the bathroom door , but at the same time this boy was swallowed up by the verse ; it surmounted and survived him .
16 His Postscript evokes the aim of a white-coated Doctor Kundera ‘ to solve an aesthetic problem : how to write a novel which would be a ‘ critique of poetry ’ and yet at the same time would itself be poetry ’ .
17 At the same time , he is a shrewd observer who writes compellingly about the people and the landscapes he encounters .
18 She is saying that this good thing , this knowledge , can be used — to tell us , for example , that Amis is not a Tudor writer : but she is rather more moved to say at the same time that it ca n't or can hardly be used , devoted as she is to the thought of a separation between , in this case , Amis 's friendships and politics , his life — and his art .
19 At the same time , though less abrasive , the book is only intermittently less sophisticated than those that preceded it .
20 At the same time , he accepts the ‘ obvious ’ fact that ‘ facts are never just coming at you but are incorporated by an imagination that is formed by your previous experience ’ .
21 Zuckerman is seeking to deny the traditional connection between illness and psychic division which is reaffirmed in the novel as a whole , and which is also reaffirmed in The Facts , and at the same time to deny that there is a traditional belief in division or multiplicity , a long-standing sense of selfhood as a chimera .
22 At the same time , the article is tainted by what seems to be a desire to inflict damage on Levi 's reputation , of a kind which may be thought to serve the ideological tendency of the magazine in which it appeared .
23 It was the taste of the stranger — who might at the same time be rooted , as he himself was , in some national life .
24 Application for a grant should be made at the same time as the application for an audition in order that you can be sure of your position should you be fortunate enough to be offered a place .
25 The point of preparation is to be well tuned and at the same time flexible to new interpretations and ideas .
26 Concentration has nothing to do with gritting your teeth and braving it out ; it 's the secret of being more and more relaxed and aware of everything that is going on at the same time .
27 Classes help the actor to gain confidence in dealing with many things happening at the same time , and this is an important part of student work .
28 He gives an example about lifting a heavy weight and doing a multiplication sum at the same time and says you ca n't do it .
29 But at the same time , an enormous sense of responsibility to protect the church , the family , and the minds and hearts of the faithful from incursions by the state was perceived to be the basic duty of the church leaders .
30 This indicates an acceptance of the state structures , or a recognition of a need for the separation of Northern Ireland from the remaining state structure of Ireland , but at the same time a continuing opposition to protestant — loyalist dominance .
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