Example sentences of "at the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Look at the self-satisfied smirk on the man 's face .
2 In today 's Nature , Professor Stephen Mann and Dr Jon Didymus from Bath University , working with Dr Young and colleagues at the Natural History Museum , have found that in spite of their varied appearance , the chalk crystals of which they are built are organised in the same way at the atomic level .
3 Because EXAFS enables us to look at the atomic environment of each alkali in turn we may begin to understand the structural basis of this curious effect .
4 At the time the largest fusion research unit in the United Kingdom was at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment ( AERE ) , Harwell , under the leadership of Peter Thonemann , now Professor of Physics at University of Wales , Swansea .
5 A GROUP of biochemists at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment in Harwell has adapted the technique of electrophoresis so it can be used in industry .
6 It is clear that computer designers need the chemists ' understanding of the physical and chemical properties of silicon and the III-Vs and the rules under which they seem to operate at the atomic and molecular levels .
7 Women from all over the country will stage a mass sit-in at the atomic weapons establishment in Burghfield , Berks , today after a protest outside the gates yesterday .
8 Sadly , it has been our experience in the past that the most specialised work carried out at the Atomic Weapons Establishment leads scientists into a cul-de-sac of research that has little , or no , relevance to science as practised in civilian life …
9 That had been twelve years ago , just one year after the Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council had promoted him to Director at the Atomic Energy Commission .
10 Otherwise we , who after all live in the everyday world and not at the atomic level , would be unaware of the observation .
11 The figure summarises information on timing of father 's employment in the nuclear industry and radiation exposure , in relation to the birth of his child , for the seven fathers ( four cases and three controls , of whom three and two respectively had been employed at the atomic weapons establishments in the area ) who were issued with dosimeters .
12 Flaws in crystals at the atomic level are far smaller than the pits etched in a laser disc 's surface , so crystals can potentially pack more information into a given area .
13 The spectra of atoms , for instance , with their series of lines , provided the pioneers of quantum mechanics with incontrovertible evidence of the quantum nature of matter at the atomic level .
14 His family believe it was because his father , Phillip worked at the atomic weapons plant at Aldermaston .
15 In 1771 he preached also at the flourishing society of Derryanville and at Kilmoriarty there was the largest congregation he had seen during the week .
16 At present the work focuses on developing comparative lists of qualifications and job descriptions for occupations at the skilled worker level .
17 It focuses on developing comparative lists of qualifications and job descriptions for occupations at the skilled worker level across all EC member states .
18 At the skilled end , people who have more experience , he 's done a lot to help erm companies give shares to their employees and companies that are prepared to be innovative erm there 's quite a lot in this erm for them .
19 Ellen caught my eye , looked down at the ridiculous leaflet , and suddenly we both began to laugh helplessly .
20 She had thought the quantities of gilt ( never did she credit that it might be real gold ) an evidence of shocking vulgarity , had sneered at the bad taste of the ornate picture frames , at the ridiculous excesses of the pictures themselves , and had felt a solid , suburban scorn for the frayed and patched tapestry chair seats and the faded hangings : she had wondered why , if so rich , they did not throw out their tatty Persian coverings , and buy themselves a good bit of fitted Wilton or Axminster in a good plain colour .
21 Try as she might , Rory could n't help but giggle at the ridiculous picture that conjured up in her mind 's eye .
22 The meeting established a broad framework for the negotiations at the parallel intergovernmental conferences on political union and on economic and monetary union , which the Council formally opened in Rome on Dec. 15 .
23 The Scottish Business Insider quotes some of the projects being undertaken at the Parallel Computing Centre of Edinburgh University .
24 Commenting on the report , WWF-UK 's forest conservation officer , Jean-Paul Jenrenaud , said : " We have spent too long pointing the finger at the tropical countries for cutting down their forests , without examining what is happening in our own backyard . "
25 His rescuer was smiling , pulling and pointing at the tartan plaid that had protected the young Highlander in his wanderings across eastern Europe .
26 Paul Benson , who is aged 39 , will take over from John Goldsworthy at the 175-bed hospital , which is now one of the largest West Sussex employers with a staff of some 500 people .
27 ‘ I do n't think the same way as other designers , ’ he shrugs , shuddering at the billowing skirts , fussy bows and complicated ornaments that are characteristic of the set-piece ball gowns of the Paris couture .
28 Robyn gazed up at the billowing white clouds and a longing for Luke 's touch , unlike anything she had ever felt before , overwhelmed her completely — her whole being ached with the desire to be held in his arms , to feel the strength and comfort and warmth of his body close to hers .
29 Thomas Ferguson at the Boston-based McCormack Institute of Public Policy , contends that US action in the Gulf was motivated more by a desire for economic hegemony , than anger at Iraqi aggression .
30 He smiled in innocent self-reproach , then swung sternly and made the reverse V-sign at the watchful waiter .
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