Example sentences of "he [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 My dear chap , a different path lies before each man and no one of us can tell what road he may chance to follow . ’
2 According to Langford , ‘ The traveller who visits [ Birmingham ] once in six months supposes himself well acquainted with her , but he may chance to find a street of houses in the autumn , where he saw his horse at grass in the spring . ’
3 On the other hand a diary entry such as ‘ ring X ’ is effective and if the entry is some way in the future it may be necessary to amplify with a trigger of the form ‘ ring X re Y ’ and to have easily accessible some factual data such as the X telephone number and some data re Y. In a different context a car driver will develop a strategy to ensure that he does not run out of petrol , he may rely on a light which appears when the tank is nearly empty or he may calculate from his expected travelling that he need not concern himself about the issue until at least the next weekend , or he may programme himself to react to the fact that he is approaching a particular garage .
4 If the vendor is disposing of his entire business , he should deregister for VAT purposes otherwise he will continue to receive and be required to file VAT returns .
5 He was not sure if he should tip-toe slowly and cautiously along until he reached the lower grounds of Old Ashfield , or make a sudden dash for it in the hope of outrunning any danger that might be waiting to pounce .
6 And they all confirmed what Alvar Fañez had said ; and the Cid thanked them for their love , and said that there might come a time in which he should guerdon them .
7 However , the areas he must address do not concern the first team alone .
8 His work rate has been prodigious all season , and although he may not have the quickest service around , he must rate currently as the world 's no 1 scrum-half .
9 And now he must steel himself to face a future without both his parents .
10 He must discipline himself to rigorously avoid any form of activity , be this mental or physical .
11 He 'll belt off with you if I do n't .
12 Wee Johnnie 's late and he 'll belt across that road no matter what .
13 He 'll git plenty of that , ’ snapped Tom .
14 He 'll trip over his own wings one fine day , mark my words , "
15 He 'll hole up and move again tomorrow , after dark .
16 he 'll Julie around
17 He 'll coast , looking for an opening but the annoying thing is that sometimes he simply does n't go in and take it .
18 I do n't think he 'll badmouth her in future , but he will have learned his lesson too late . ’
19 And he disciplines her in front of the he 'll discipline them
20 Yeah but he 'll he 'll discipline them .
21 I mean I 'm not saying he 's alcoholic but he goes out with the lads and he you know he 'll he 'll sort of thud up the stairs .
22 ‘ He says he 'll skewer your liver if you move , ’ Rincewind translated freely .
23 I have argued elsewhere that Pound was prepared to take instruction , as well as to give it ; that when he first came to London in 1908 , he was looking for masters to whom he might apprentice himself ; that he found them in the Irishman W.B. Yeats and the maverick Englishman Ford Madox Ford ( whose professionalism about writing still denies him in England the recognition that he gets abroad ) ; and ( so I have speculated , though I know it can not be proved ) that Pound sought the same relationship with another Englishman , Laurence Binyon , who was too cagey to go along with the idea .
24 So on 29 October 1955 Fisher recommended to the prime minister that Bell be asked to move to York because he was the biggest person in sight and — despite his age — ‘ he might tide over for five or six years ’ ; and that Ramsey be invited to go to London , because that huge see would ‘ respond to his commanding ability ’ .
25 when he went in mum started crying she said Lyn he ai n't coming back he ai n't coming back I said he might mum , he 's just might so anyway that was , at one o'clock he went down , quarter past five , ring , we kept saying can you ring and see if , and they rung said be out the operating theatre to tell us how far they 'd got and what was happening , he 's had four units of blood
26 He m he might sort of put an answer down like this and erm he 'll say , Well this this should come to something like seven teen point six times ten to the minus nought point four .
27 If he got in early enough he could lunch with George .
28 He could glamour it all up by putting in a phoney dashboard and to that end he thought that perhaps he could borrow ( borrow is a word we use a lot in the Air Force ) some instruments from an old aeroplane down on the aerodrome — I believe it was a Boulton Paul Sidestrand .
29 He could outmanoeuvre them if he wished but he could not get rid of them and he was only groping round in circles about the tree he had made his own .
30 He believed he could outmanoeuvre and trap the English King ; he too had his spy at Godstowe to keep an eye on Corbett .
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