Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I knew I 'd see the facades of Nabataean temples chiselled into the rock and that the cliff-walls would be riddled with empty tombs .
2 Paul Newman and Robert Redford might now be right for the roles of a pair of outlaws on their last legs who flee to Bolivia to find that civilisation and its increased firepower are after them there as well , but in 1968 they were more an emblem of defiant youth and , rather than be riddled with bullets , they go out with a freeze-to-sepia and some plunky Burt Bacharach music .
3 But those innocent-looking sarnies could be riddled with bacteria , such as listeria , Salmonella and Staphylococcus .
4 So a Pacific as defined by such minds might fall within the appropriate longitudes and latitudes , but it would be riddled with holes , a discontinuous mess , a collection of unconnected pieces of sea and land established principally to prove an argument about an entity of which they make up only a fraction .
5 And surviving missals and other documents of the Celtic Church prove to be riddled with excerpts from Judaic apocryphal books and additional texts which had long and rigorously been forbidden by Rome .
6 And , in all probability , their imaginations will , as they say , boggle because , as you have never seen that scene in your mind 's eye , it may well be riddled with improbabilities if it is not a downright impossibility .
7 His wife 's body was exhumed and found to be riddled with arsenic .
8 These dogs look happy enough , but they could be riddled with canine complexes .
9 The Italian showman ( left ) will be roared on this weekend by a huge home crowd in the northern Italian resort as he launches his defence of the giant slalom and slalom titles he won with ease last year .
10 Last night 400 bikers were drifting away from Pier Head to other ports after being told extra boats would be chartered from alternative ports today .
11 Just what makes an environment appropriate to be gazed upon as tourists ?
12 Ideally , opioid dependent prisoners in custody should be stabilised with the right dose .
13 This might well be stabilised as the main course and result in the construction of a new delta segment , until the gradient advantage of the distributaries over it was nullified by the extent of the segment .
14 One would expect existing sentence patterns to be stabilised in use , and to be only minimally disturbed upon being combined to form more complex syntactic units .
15 The structure can be stabilised by a triangulation that is most economic when symmetrical and evolves into the familiar forms of roof trusses , bridges , arches and vaulting .
16 Carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) emmission levels are to be stabilised by 1994 , and reduced by three to four per cent by 2000 .
17 This also means that it is not possible to compare the dissociation from isolated GC sites with that from clusters of such sites which may be stabilised by cooperative interaction .
18 The value of praise in providing encouragement has to be blended with the instructional benefit that criticism can bring to the pupil .
19 It can be blended with other fibres too .
20 Provided that environmental concerns are met and are specifically addressed in the planning process , we believe that output from the opencast sector must be blended with output from the deep-mine sector .
21 The alcohol can be blended with petrol to a proportion of up to 20% alcohol and run in a conventional car engine without adjustment .
22 For more on how these roles can be blended into a successful group , see Groups on page 77 and Teams on page 161 .
23 A total of 500 tonnes of HEU will be blended into 15,000 tonnes of fuel , which makes the deal worth $12 billion .
24 He meant by this that the areas of colour in his painting were not to be blended by the eye but were to be seen as acting on each other reciprocally , thus producing pictorial form and space .
25 The lack of welfare officers , the rarity of home leave , the concept of visits and letter-writing as a privilege which could be withdrawn as a punishment , and the denial of permission to keep family photographs , were all indications of an absence of serious interest in helping to maintain a prisoner 's contacts with the outside world .
26 Otherwise stock may be withdrawn to many areas without proper records being kept .
27 The C.-in-C. of the CIS Armed Forces , Marshal Yevgeny Shaposhnikov , who met US Secretary of State James Baker in Moscow on Jan. 29 , said in London on Jan. 30 that tactical nuclear weapons located in all former Soviet republics , except Ukraine and Byelarus , would be withdrawn to Russia by July .
28 The Committee ordered that the member 's Practising Certificate be withdrawn with effect from 1 February 1993 .
29 This kills the tiny parasite , which can then be withdrawn with tweezers and the wound treated by immersion in a solution of malachite green to prevent secondary fungal infection .
30 Once filed an application can only be withdrawn with the leave of the court ( FPCR , r5(1) ; FPR , r4.5(1) ) .
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