Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 It does not seem to bother them that their chances of survival are low , but then only the most crazed Goblins would want to be propelled high into the air anyway .
2 You 'd be stoned dead
3 All design work to be undertaken in-house .
4 A Corporate Finance Engagement Letter should be obtained from every client for whom corporate finance activities are to be undertaken prior to the first engagement .
5 The tenant should resist a provision that interest should be deemed to be rent due to the landlord as this will have the effect of making available the remedy of distress as well as that of forfeiture without the necessity to serve a s 146 notice .
6 JS specifies that machinery such as that used for harvesting should be energy efficient , and that waste must be neutralised prior to disposal .
7 These nets must also be fastened top and bottom to each stake since they will be required to catch rabbits bolting in either direction .
8 Now I can be constipatied constipated and I can be the other way .
9 Now I can be constipatied constipated and I can be the other way .
10 Occasionally , flights may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control .
11 Athelstan had always given strict instructions on this ; any poor man or woman found dead in his parish was to be given honourable burial , so this included Tosspot .
12 Parents will be given simple , straightforward details of the inspectors ' findings .
13 It was agreed that he , RW , and CW should be given advance warning of the arrival of new research workers , in order to assess requirements for space , laboratory facilities , library and computing services .
14 At the other end of the scale , a small and humble task can sometimes be given ritual status by attending to it with real attention and care .
15 By that I mean that , though they do not carry intrinsic labels to discriminate them , yet they can be given extrinsic labels for that purpose .
16 They should be taken seriously and be given due consideration .
17 All bids , from whatever source , will be given due consideration .
18 My region welcomes this and hopes this motion will be given due consideration .
19 When the Association plans to revise the programmes students will , through centres offering the programmes , be given due warning .
20 This is a complex formulation which in practice can be given various emphases .
21 The first aiders will be given alternative premises .
22 On 29 June 1559 , Henri wrote to the pope , that notorious bombast Paul IV , about ‘ the incredible disaster which has since befallen the realm of Scotland to our extreme regret , disgust and displeasure ’ ; the letter stated his ‘ confidence in God who is so signally offended at this wretched plague of ruffians ’ , but God was to be given worldly assistance in the shape of ‘ a large and sufficient force of French soldiers , infantry and cavalry ’ .
23 A variable capacitor consists of two sets of n interconnected semicircular conducting plates which can be given mutual rotation as shown in Fig. 2.46 .
24 You will be asked to design experiments and be given other problems to solve .
25 It was also arranged that he would be given accurate intelligence by radio on a regular basis .
26 Furthermore , those with the most resources , the most bargaining counters , will be at an advantage ; the organized , the wealthy and the privileged are likely to gain while the problems of the unorganized , the poor and the underprivileged may be given insufficient attention .
27 A PETITION calling for motorists to be given round-the-clock access to a town 's main shopping street is being well supported by the public , say traders .
28 Ms Willbourne also called for the civil courts to be given new powers to exclude an abuser from the home instead of the child .
29 EMPLOYERS ARE to be given new powers to isolate union members who take part in unofficial strikes through selective sackings .
30 Local authorities will be given new powers over a second tier of less heavily polluting processes , which will only be allowed to take place after councils have imposed stringent operating conditions .
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