Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 FUNDING for an innovative scheme to help ex-servicemen find jobs in the civilian world will be withdrawn next month , it was revealed yesterday .
2 It should be remembered that an offer may be withdrawn any time before acceptance , unless the person making the offer receives something of value to keep the offer open or the offer is made under seal .
3 I do n't I do n't think that the the er four thing bumf thing that includes that long list really need to be altered any more .
4 One would predict according to Mandler and Johnson ( 1977 ) that it is the temporal order which would be altered most .
5 It does not seem to bother them that their chances of survival are low , but then only the most crazed Goblins would want to be propelled high into the air anyway .
6 In Owen v Grimsby Cleethorpes Transport [ 1992 ] PIQR Q27 the Court of Appeal stated that it is not always necessary for the pleadings in personal injury cases to be amended each time a fresh medical report leads to developments in the case .
7 The landlord is usually the party who settles the form of the lease ( albeit it may be amended many times before execution ) and most of the covenants are inserted for his protection .
8 You 'd be stoned dead
9 All design work to be undertaken in-house .
10 A Corporate Finance Engagement Letter should be obtained from every client for whom corporate finance activities are to be undertaken prior to the first engagement .
11 Before you start on this project you must do some checking as maybe a visit to your nearest dealer , or order to a Mail Order firm , has to be undertaken first .
12 However , many clay sized particles , whether organic or inorganic , become structurally altered at temperatures approaching 100°C so if any further study is to be undertaken this method is not recommended .
13 There was a popular guessing game called , " Let's spot who 's going to be sacked next " .
14 The tenant should resist a provision that interest should be deemed to be rent due to the landlord as this will have the effect of making available the remedy of distress as well as that of forfeiture without the necessity to serve a s 146 notice .
15 Marx believed that the history of human societies was to be explained first of all by the nature of man as an animal who had to obtain a living from his geographical environment , which meant not only staying alive , but also being able to look after one 's offspring until they could look after themselves .
16 Friends talk about gardens ORGANIC gardening will be explained this evening at a meeting of Halton Friends of the Earth .
17 JS specifies that machinery such as that used for harvesting should be energy efficient , and that waste must be neutralised prior to disposal .
18 These nets must also be fastened top and bottom to each stake since they will be required to catch rabbits bolting in either direction .
19 Now I can be constipatied constipated and I can be the other way .
20 Now I can be constipatied constipated and I can be the other way .
21 Occasionally , flights may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control .
22 He has also had problems with soft ground , so the first phase , the removal of a small number of trees , will probably be delayed another week or two .
23 This programme is being recorded today , Wednesday April 1st , to be relayed next Thursday b .
24 For example , he took comfort from the deflationary economic measures of July 1966 , which he opposed , as it gave him the chance ‘ to reassert collective Cabinet authority because I see how disastrous it is to allow Cabinet government to decline into mere Prime Ministerial government … if I achieved anything it was by asserting the right of Cabinet to take part in the making of economic strategy so that Harold conceded we must be given that right ’ .
25 Benefit of the Doubt must be given that all employed by the Grand Canyon were brain damaged at birth and were given their bureaucratic procedure in India .
26 Even if play areas are created off-street , the impression must not be given that the rest of the street is not intended for playing children .
27 There is thus a rule of construction that if a provision in an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom is ambiguous , it should be given that interpretation which is consistent with international obligations rather than one which conflicts ( Inland Revenue Commissioners v Collco Dealings Ltd [ 1962 ] AC 11 ; similarly , there is some authority for seeking to protect fundamental constitutional statutes from unintentional repeals ( see , e.g. , per Lord Wilberforce in The Earl of Antrim 's Petition [ 1967 ] 1 AC 691 ) If , however , such devices do not evade the problem , then traditional notions of the sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament require that any provision in any later statute which is inconsistent with any earlier provision repeals the latter to the extent of any inconsistency , whether declared or intended to have this effect or not ( Vauxhall Estates Ltd v Liverpool Corporation [ 1932 ] 1 KB 733 ; Ellen Street Estates Ltd v Minister of Health [ 1934 ] 1 KB 590 ) .
28 Firstly , it is a requirement that public notice shall be given that an inspector 's investigation will take place , together with an invitation to anyone who so wishes to write to AIB to draw their attention to any particular aspect considered relevant .
29 I longed for a story of mine to be given that accolade .
30 In answer to the question of what sort of facts they are , the answer will be given that they are neural facts , facts about the Central Nervous Systems of ourselves and other species .
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