Example sentences of "be [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Few jobs are easy to get these days and , if you have set your sights on advertising , it must be worth extra effort .
2 Or should they hang on in the hope that these assets will soon be worth serious money ?
3 It might be contemptible , but it still had to be worth conquering ; and the fifteenth-century verse chronicle by John Hardyng , which demonstrated that Scotland , with its three fair university cities and fruitful countryside , could easily victual incoming English armies , makes the point very well .
4 Instead he had to contend with the usual difficulty of those with rights in personam : if the trustee was insolvent , they would be worth little .
5 It must be about ordinary people taking control of our own lives .
6 yeah , er , probably be about right
7 Five that 'll be about right
8 But , yeah , that 's about a hundred miles you see , that would be about right , yeah .
9 Both men are thought to be about 19-years-old .
10 The ‘ Crossroads ’ experiment presented a mentally handicapped child within the dimensions of a programme which purports to be about real people and real life , and to explore some of the issues raised in having such a child .
11 If the politics of the eighties has been characterised by Mrs Thatcher 's confrontational style , Mr Kinnock believes the politics of the nineties must be about international negotiation and co-operation .
12 The ontological version of the argument involves the claim that existential propositions , in the final analysis , can all be shown to be about certain concrete ontological items and attributes of such items .
13 On the other hand we have noticed that the Greeks were much less curious than we would expect them to be about certain countries within their reach and indeed well inside their sphere of economic and cultural influence .
14 The training in on offer appears to be about increasing management capabilities and if you do n't want to go down that road there is a problem , for there is a significant and genuine gap between the expectation of school boards and how their task was perceived by the Scottish Office .
15 Questions about specific pictures , which could , for example , be about specific saints , can be readily answered from the standard works which abound , provided such answers treat the works as history books , and make it quite clear to the children that the stories about a ‘ heaven ’ and miracles , which are to be found in those books , are not now really believed .
16 Animal Painting in Britain was the title of a book by Basil Taylor , where he explained in his first chapter that the topic had been neglected since it was either assumed to be about sporting pictures , or about pictures of horses by such specialists as Sartorius .
17 Partnerships should challenge the trend ; partnerships should not be about alternative sources of funding for the public education service but about ensuring proper levels of public funding with additional support from the private sector .
18 If propositions purporting to be about fictional things are to be accepted as meaningful , then it is only on condition that they can be paraphrased into propositions about non-fictional things ; for example , into propositions about persons who are thinking , alleging , claiming , etc. something fictional .
19 It is more likely to be about sore things from childhood , which we were not allowed properly to experience or mourn : or we may have been too young in emotional or physical development to cope .
20 Presumably each side would want to state its position about the quality/condition of the sample and the evidence would presumably be about other samples said to be of various qualities or conditions .
21 It can be about other universities .
22 The chest circumference should be about equal to the height at the withers , plus 20cm .
23 Santa Clara , California-based RasterOps Corp warns that it will record an operating loss and take a $5m to $7m restructuring charge for the third quarter ending March 31 : it says third quarter sales will be about equal to the second quarter 's $25m , and it blames ‘ general market softness and lingering effects of the transition from third party channels to its own sales force .
24 Six thousand 'll be about close enough .
25 Will it be ab be about ninetyish I would think .
26 Architecture can no longer be about individual statements , buildings .
27 Whatever reservations there may be about individual decisions from time to time , the basic premise that most planning decisions should be taken locally has never been seriously challenged .
28 The love poetry of Saadi and Hafiz though seeming to be about physical love was really about transcendent love .
29 . We 'll just be , be about open .
30 These dreams tend not to be about sudden drops or stumbles , but of long drops from high buildings or down deep holes , ending in collisions with the ground , or perhaps with miraculously soft landings .
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