Example sentences of "be [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 But it did , just my , my quick sieve every time we got these there always appeared to be a slot where it did n't seem to me to be worth being open and and operating
2 Well , there 's less and less work and the work that does seem to be about is that competitively priced that
3 what we are about , or what every sales company should be about is making money .
4 But , however many ways there may be of being alive , it is certain that there are vastly more ways of being dead , or rather not alive .
5 His model of what computer learning should be like is taken from the ‘ Samba schools ’ in Rio de Janeiro , where experts and stars gather a coterie of followers and students to prepare for the carnival .
6 Smells travel well under water , though what the experience of underwater scents may be like is open to imagination .
7 Because what you 're thinking it 's going to be like is completely the opposite of what is happening .
8 But it will be like being in a gale of light , after this black hole .
9 The three of us could go to seven o'clock Mass on Friday morning then it would be like being at Nuptial Mass for her . ’
10 But when we took it over the , one of the first things we did was to redesign the kitchen because the soup was made in these great boiler and it was probably heated up every day of the week and can imagine what it would be like being in prison .
11 It would be like being a student .
12 It will be like being with somebody else .
13 ‘ Being president of Newcastle United , ’ he observed to top table neighbour Stan Seymour , ‘ must be like being a Christian Scientist with appendicitis . ’
14 The only Unionists who conformed to the picture of what the party was supposed to be like were either men outside the mainstream like Milner , or men too junior to have much real influence like Steel-Maitland , Aitken , Amery and Goulding .
15 In my professional view , cos if the new settlement has to be in is ch is i has to be within the greenbelt then it 's better to go for peripheral development rather than have a new settlement in the first place .
16 looking forward to and that is a very very painful situation to be in is n't it ?
17 ‘ Our job will be to be flexible .
18 How valuable it would be to be able to reconstruct what the site looked like while excavation was in progress .
19 The ideal situation , of course , would be to be empathic and in rapport with the horse .
20 Because the reasons against the acceptance of authority vary it is not possible to discover in advance how strong the reasons for acceptance of the authority need be to be sufficient .
21 One way to cut down on cars in cities might be to be to make this form of travel much less convenient , by cutting the number of parking places available in cities , for the public and companies alike — hardly popular measures .
22 He said , ‘ So the most I can hope for would be to be at home on a respirator full-time ? ’
23 What a deprivation it would be to be blind !
24 This allowed a number of questions to be to be formulated from the activity lists ( Fig 11.15 ) for discussion with all those persons in the EPH dealing with financial matters , the answers being noted on a separate formatted sheet .
25 It is too easy to lose control when one lives alone ; the aim must always be to be ‘ alone but not lonely ’ .
26 Oh how wonderful it must be to be an indie musician !
27 If Labour is to have a role in Scotland , then it surely must be to be in the forefront of that fight with the Scottish people .
28 How wonderful it must be to be a great artist like Mr Beaumont or a musician like Mr Fergus or even a teacher like half the church .
29 I used to wonder just what the kestrel was looking at , what it was thinking , and I 'd imagine how wonderful it must be to be suspended in mid-air , looking down on the Earth as it was .
30 If the mind is so conceived that its relation to the world can only be a causal one , then to perceive something must be to be causally affected by it .
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