Example sentences of "be [verb] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 He heard vespers sung in the deep dusk from his father 's church , and his heart stilled and quietened in him with wonder , as though at last he felt himself to be drawing near to the heart of a mystery .
2 Most of the sediment in fact seems to be accumulating close inshore and very little gets to the outer shelf or the deeps .
3 ‘ It would be courting double standards to remove that status from Vic Williams ’ , she said .
4 It does not seem to bother them that their chances of survival are low , but then only the most crazed Goblins would want to be propelled high into the air anyway .
5 You 'd be stoned dead
6 Furthermore you will be helping conservation twofold as WWF and the David Shepherd Conservation Foundation both receive a proportion of the selling price .
7 ‘ We ought to be subsidising public transport , Lewis ! ’
8 The Institute will be devoting considerable time and effort , in the coming months , to taking a leading role in the consultation process and preparing a coherent and comprehensive response to the important issues the APB has raised .
9 The Chancellor claimed the overall effect of the Budget — which included help for business through far-reaching reforms of the company taxation system — would be to support economic recovery .
10 I can only suppose that commercial flights fly to where the VCR should be using inertial navigation , but this was not quite within our capabilities .
11 Sometimes you may want to reach everyone on the list , but more often you will only be using certain sections or even picking out a dozen or so specialist outlets .
12 In other words they are being totally unfair in that process and as a result of this more people are likely to suffer as a result of fire Council and savings which are clearly er is proposed er that is Conservative review that we should not be using new money or money within the environment budget which is better stretched for all the other services , to find that other fire fighters as much as we agree they are needed when clearly there is another pot of money which was available for this service and which the other two groups have decided they will take
13 It also helps with the image of the school library in that the school librarian is seen to be using new technology to improve the efficiency of the school library .
14 So we believe that unions should be effective , should be active trades councils should be effective , should be active , should be using modern methods , but without , and I stress this , without losing sight of our traditional concerns and values .
15 Judging by how well labels sell in the shops — and they do — the world and his wife must be using sticky labels on everything , including the kids .
16 In this book we will be using verbal , informal descriptions rather than such a formal language for two reasons ; ( a ) these languages define more detail than we usually wish to consider ; and ( b ) they describe complete computers , whereas we wish to look at any stage at a particular aspect of a number of computers .
17 New methods will come , no doubt , with the fruition of that research which the Home Secretary has urged and supported ; but we can not even claim to be using existing methods , when 7,550 prisoners are sleeping tonight three in a cell , and when policies which , but for the war , would have been on the statute book in 1939 , and have already been on the statute book for half a generation , have hardly begun to be carried into effect for lack of premises .
18 They seem to be using repro-antique furniture : and remember that an 1850 sideboard looked like a repro in 1850 .
19 Be careful to choose a pale-coloured piece of card if you will be using dark flowers , and if you wish to use some white or light-coloured flowers , you should choose a card in a dark colour such as brown , black or navy .
20 Abel Goumba of the Front patriotique oubanguien — Parti du travail said that the " regime appears to be using stalling tactics to push it back as far as possible " and that the opposition would increase its activities to press for the conference to be convened earlier .
21 From level 7 , pupils should be using Standard English , wherever appropriate , to meet the statements of attainment .
22 According to Neuron Data , IBM will be using Open Interface to develop front-ends for software which it will offer across a range of platforms , including AIX , OS/2 , Windows NT and Macintosh .
23 The largest accounting firms could be on the receiving end of proposed new penalties to prevent abuse of market power including fines of up to 10% of turnover — if they are found to be using predatory pricing .
24 The former is likely to be using mechanism-based models with people as ancillaries while the ergonomist will be using models of people with mechanisms as ancillaries .
25 Thus , establishments with declining output , falling overtime and declining employment levels were less likely to use temporary workers or , more precisely , were less likely to be using fixed-term contract workers .
26 In line with what we had expected was the finding that establishments where the level of output , the amount of overtime being worked and the number of persons employed was falling were rather less likely to be using fixed-term contract workers .
27 As a WW recreational paddler I will be using recreational values in my work .
28 As the company will be using significant cash resources to finance the purchases in such circumstances , the requirement to make a statement as to the adequacy of working capital in the circular ( on the basis of the maximum utilisation of the authority and at the highest price — which assumption must be stated ) will be of particular concern .
29 Across Europe there is a general movement away from pollutive scourers ; in Britain this year , for example , 30 per cent of textile and clothing manufacturers will be using biodegradable agents and , by next year , estimate Friends of the Earth , this will rise to 80 per cent .
30 Most of the time you will be using general-purpose tools such as drills , saws , and hammers , or simple tools such as a trimming knife or pliers .
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