Example sentences of "be say [be] " in BNC.

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1 In truth , all that can be said is that , in both the Free Presbyterian Church and in the UPV , there were a small number of people ( none of whom were figures of any stature in the Church ) who were prepared to abet others in the commission of crimes to further the aims which the vast majority of people in the Church and UPV wished to see promoted by less violent means .
2 What should be said is that there is still a most definite need for research in some neglected , technical areas , but more particularly in integrating the social and economic factors as they occur in a local situation .
3 What can be said is that those whose discomfort is related to intercourse are most likely to be cured of their symptoms either by a combination of improved lubrication and post-coital urination , or by treating any infection that underlies the symptoms .
4 What could be said is that the same moral demands apply to the means as to the ends in the quest for Truth , and that often difficulties arise because of these demands .
5 What might be said is that the ethical connotation of the method of action he proposed was being made clear by the choice of satyāgraha rather than sadāgraha .
6 In fact , what might be said is , that the principles of identity and participation are so closely interrelated and intertwined in his thought that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between them .
7 All that can be said is that Labour has lost elections in the past when the press was more favourable than it now is .
8 ‘ The only thing that can be said is that somebody has just snuffed out a very special person who was going to achieve an incredible amount in life .
9 All that remains to be said is Happy Christmas and good wishes for a New Knitting Year !
10 The most that can be said is that a good case can be made out for so doing ; law-abiding spectators would probably be sympathetic , depending upon the outcome .
11 The first thing to be said is that the ‘ circumstantial variables ’ of a president 's incumbency may give him important advantages .
12 As it is , all that can really be said is that the collective wisdom , such as it is , of the agency business favours bursts in most circumstances .
13 The most that can be said is that they must have selectional restrictions which are satisfied by the selectee .
14 And the first thing to be said is that , on their own , beliefs do n't cause actions .
15 The most that can be said is that S.I.B .
16 What can be said is that the Rules of 1988 do not reflect section 99 of the Act , which in conjunction with section 97 enables a person upon whom a copy of an intervention notice has been served by S.I.B .
17 The most that can be said is that the majority of individuals said to be non-right handed still show left hemisphere language representation ( Annett , Hudson , and Turner , 1974 ; Fleminger and Bunce , 1975 ; Clyma , 1975 ) .
18 All that remains to be said is incised on stone , and the living go around silently with long faces and glances that mean ‘ I ca n't tell you how sorry I am , but I do know how you feel . ’
19 The best that can be said is that to appeal to such a wide diversity of patrons he clearly possessed some very rare talent indeed .
20 Whether this justifies the conclusion of Esther Moir that " The most that can be said is that on and off the bench , the Justices interposed between the parish overseer and his helpless victim " is uncertain .
21 I mean , I think one , the first thing to be said is that one can assure members covering all the other C A B's was that they actually got their bids in full .
22 All that can sensibly be said is that , given everything capitalism had gone through over the previous few years , a collapse of confidence was to be expected at some point .
23 Back then , those things which could n't be said were hinted at in the grain of those luscious voices .
24 All that could be said was that the judges and staff of the court would continue to do all in their power to reduce costs and lead times in the disposal of appellant business .
25 The decor was inclusive in the rent and all that can be said was that the decor was expensive .
26 Before the Second World War it was still decreed by the Women 's Cricket Association that women cricketers should wear white stockings — a rule which it has to be said was not always adhered to by the players .
27 So , it was in the ordinary conduct of party politics by men in pursuit of power that expectations , aspirations and objectives were reduced to an apparent simplicity , to a crudity of choice for which all that could be said was that it represented the national will .
28 There were exceptions , recognised by the statute and the courts , but this was not such a case ; all that could be said was that economic damage , perhaps very severe , might be done to the defendant if publicity were not withheld .
29 But the next thing to be said was ‘ Thank you very much ’ in German , as quickly as possible .
30 At first sight what he seems to be saying is simply that no one is going to take any notice of the conclusions which a rational woman reaches after deliberation .
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