Example sentences of "with [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 From this point onwards historians have tended to lose interest in the debates over classification , assuming that they were increasingly concerned not with the principle of how to determine relationships , but with disagreements over practical applications of the technique .
2 The first meeting of the SNC convened in the disused Cambodian embassy in Bangkok on mid-September , but after two days the talks had ground to a halt , with disagreements over the appointment of a Chair .
3 Back on the pitch , the Warblers , who had suffered a surprise 22–16 defeat in their quarter-final pool at the hands of a spirited Irish Wolfhounds outfit fired by scrum-half Alain Rolland , hauled their way into the semi-finals with wins over the Portuguese Barbarians and the Froggies .
4 Jacob will play Woods who shone throughout the day with wins over Peter Hunt , Peter Beatham and fellow fifth seed Nick Mills .
5 Eddie McNally has won through in the men 's singles Section A with wins over G Byrne 21–15 and Richard Neilson whom he beat 21–14 to face the experienced Tommy Hopper .
6 Liverpool seconds started with wins over Warrington II and Lancaster , while the thirds beat Manchester IV but lost 6-5 to Wigan .
7 While ditches become filled with silt over time , mounds are gradually flattened by weathering , and if a mound is adjacent to a ditch , this will affect the pattern of silting in the ditch .
8 Girls have been seen in Italy , spinning with spindles over a balcony , while their sisters sat knitting below , which lends support to such a theory .
9 He explained : ‘ We are dealing direct with merchants over there and as far as we are aware they are very keen to import fish , such as small whiting , which they ca n't get from their own fishermen .
10 But the writers who use world-system theories in empirical studies of particular countries ' economic history include features that draw it closer to regulationist theory : for example , the uncertainty , problems and changes associated with conflicts over international hegemony are often studied .
11 Five years later , its repercussions were still being widely aired in the media , with conflicts over the sources and use of money available to the NUM 's elected officers during the strike period ( Lightman , 1990 ) .
12 Historians would be likely to ‘ mine ’ this resource in different ways , examining it with change over time in mind and linking credit transaction data or travel information with say medical records or socio-economic groups .
13 The historian normally wants a longer perspective and the more time passes , the more likely it is that research will be concerned with change over time rather than with a ‘ snapshot ’ of 1991 .
14 In the Eastern Atlantic , at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy where shell-shape variation in N. lapillius is generally reduced ( Crothers , 1983a ) , McEachreon ( 1985 ) has recently demonstrated a shell shape trend with exposure over a proportionally-reduced numerical range .
15 Luxury self-contained apartments above the famous Metropole Hotel 1 , 2 or 3 bedroomed penthouses with panoramic sea and/or town views , most with balconies over the sea .
16 The pound slumped to 2.47 against the mark at one point yesterday as the row with Germany over the leaked Bundesbank document rumbled .
17 Relations remained strained with Germany over the continuing repercussions of the Rabta chemical factory controversy , but improved with France after the return in March of three Libyan Mirage fighter planes , held in France since 1986 , and the release of three French and Belgian hostages in Beirut by the Libyan-sponsored Fatah Revolutionary Council ( RFC ) .
18 When gall stones have been dissolved and oral bile acid treatment is withdrawn , bile reverts to being supersaturated with cholesterol over one to four weeks and in some patients , gall stones recur .
19 At a time when rock fans expected country folk to be psychotic rednecks ready to gun down anyone with hair over their ears — pace Easy Rider — Cash came along and fought for Indian rights , recorded with Bob Dylan , and received death threats from the Ku Klux Klan .
20 A dying man threatened with eviction over mortgage arrears has said that the worry has made his suffering worse .
21 A tastefully extended and refurbished Victorian building set in own grounds with views over open countryside and yet within easy driving distance of Birmingham and the NEC .
22 Situated in 200 acres of level meadowland with views over open countryside towards Cheddar Gorge .
23 Outside was very pleasant with views over open fields and a local park .
24 All have telephone , most with views over the enchanting surroundings and a very few also have terrace or balcony .
25 It was a delightful place , wooded and spacious , with views over the whole city .
26 Secondary double glazed window with views over the golf course .
27 Window with views over west Oxford , access to insulated part floored loft with drop down ladder , power point and light , fitted cupboards , radiator , power points , airing cupboard .
28 The route passes through farmland and woodland in both cutting and embankment , with views over the surrounding countryside .
29 While the Financial Times of Dec. 4 suggested that Torumtay 's resignation had been precipitated by the government 's pro-Islamic policies [ see pp. 37592-93 ] , according to reports on Dec. 5 , senior army officials also attributed it to differences with Özal over the Turkish response to the Gulf crisis [ see pp. 37641 ; 37694 ] .
30 The Central Bank 's first director , Wonter Bernard ( a Dutch official whose appointment was financed by the IMF resigned after reported disagreements with Herrigel over the bank 's independence from government control .
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