Example sentences of "with [noun] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Hence , as with CITE at the National Library of Medicine , or the catalogues produced during the Dewey Decimal Classification ( DDC ) online project , a large proportion of the Okapi work consists of design and programming .
2 Right now , for example , all the digital media we have considered fail to compete with videodisc in an area of functionality general considered highly important in many areas of the IMT sector : the delivery of high quality , full screen , full motion video .
3 The county council are negotiating with operators on the provision of this service .
4 First , the element of orientational flexibility supplied by the interdomain linker region and the C-terminal stalk in sCD2 is likely to facilitate docking with molecules on opposing cell surfaces .
5 A rainbow is formed from the interaction of pure white sunlight with molecules of moisture in the atmosphere acting as prisms that break up the light into the respective colours perceived through our senses .
6 However , an alternative approach might argue that , if learning does involve making structural changes at synapses , and the synapses are built of proteins and packed with molecules of neurotransmitter , then learning must itself involve the synthesis of new proteins and transmitters .
7 At first these layers may consist of single layers of atoms or molecules , but , naturally , the various successive layers of new material will be fed with molecules from the surroundings at slightly differing rates .
8 For instance , the specimen in an electron microscope has to be held in a vacuum to minimise the scattering of the electron beam due to collisions with molecules in air .
9 For example , archaeologists collaborate with petrologists in studying the rocks from which tools were made , with biologists in studying plant and animal remains , with physicians in studying the diseases from which people suffered , and with physicists for complex dating methods .
10 In the fourth quarter of 1991 the amount of new consumer credit advanced was £11.82bn compared with £12.07bn in the third quarter — a fall of 2 peer cent .
11 The Committee itself concluded ‘ that the overall technical standard of the operation has been high , both in the sense that the signal itself has been generated with great skill and proficiency and that the practical and logistical problems associated with presence of televising personnel and equipment have been kept to a minimum ’ .
12 The priest blessed them , then gave the word , and with a roar , knives unsheathed , the front ranks of the crowd rushed the dais and slashed at the wood of the Virgin 's triumphal car and , shouting aloud , carried it off in fragments ; she continued to look upon it all unmoved from her new perch , and someone came back glorying in his spoils — was it her uncle , or her mother 's father ? — with splinters for each of the family and a chunk the size of a brick for himself .
13 Warburgs , which acted for BAT , was ranked first in the table , with £23.6bn of deals done in the period .
14 If you are inclined to take Frownies seriously , and wish to be well ahead of the game , you need look no farther than Clare Maxwell-Hudson 's office in north London , where the notion that anti-frown plasters are a new idea from the USA met with shrieks of incredulity .
15 Their passage startled birds and invisible animals out of their path with shrieks of warning to others of their kind .
16 At G.Q.G. the propagandists — still deflated from their bludgeoning over Douaumont — seized on the German blunder and ensuing attempts at justification with shrieks of joy .
17 Although chiefly associated in the public mind with acts of individual and collective violence , the CNT was a complex phenomenon .
18 In central Dorset , of the nearly fifty parishes with Acts of Enclosure , nine were for open-field arable alone , thirty include huge areas of downland and ten are solely concerned with downland .
19 The morning was growing , lengthening into a day , a long day to be filled with acts of kindness .
20 Because women know men to be vulnerable and fragile , they are often tempted to excuse them as ‘ just little boys ’ who need to over-compensate for their sense of inadequacy or ‘ womb-envy ’ with acts of spiteful misogyny .
21 Around 40 people convicted of political crimes in connection with acts of defiance during the campaign to impose Slavic names on ethnic Turks were released from prison in accordance with an amnesty bill passed by the National Assembly on Jan. 15 .
22 Assertion of the principle served to do away with the monarch 's previously claimed powers to suspend or dispense with acts of Parliament and it served to deny judges the power to strike down measures .
23 James V certainly moved to meet the threat , with acts like those of 1535 and 1541 against heresy , and , more interestingly , acts designed to safeguard and improve the spiritual standing of the Catholic church : reform , in other words , from within .
24 The Apple Day runs from 2–6pm and includes an apple question time session , with experts on hand to identify your mystery apples and diagnose any problems .
25 The Beechvale Nursery on the Gransha Road will be open from 11am to 5pm with experts on hand to help with any queries .
26 The Bebington Council of Churches , which comprises 18 member churches of all denominations , has decided to work with experts on the problem .
27 further secondary analysis of extant data on education , training and the labour market , the development of a data base on school effectiveness , labour markets and change , support for the access of the research community to the extant data base ; and the consolidation and extension of national and international contacts with experts in research methods and statistics .
28 Consult with experts in the engineering profession on technical risk issue.s
29 Together with experts from the Rubenianum , N. de Poorter , H. Nieuwendorp and M. Vandenvenn , d'Hulst conceived the structure of the exhibition , and has negotiated the loan of ninety-three paintings , sixty-seven drawings , around thirty engravings and the unique set of seven tapestries in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna , designed by Jordaens and showing riding horses put through their paces .
30 All objects have been catalogued and vetted by Chinese experts and the results discussed with experts from Brussels , Paris and Hong Kong , the names of whom Mr van Halder would not disclose .
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