Example sentences of "i know well " in BNC.

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1 It is a river I know well , but a stretch I have never fished before , and when I see it I wonder why .
2 Faithful be ye , I know well , and power ye have if ye list to keep them safe ; but if ye think I fear too much , yet beware ye fear not too little ! ’
3 The special educational needs support service ( SENSS ) that I know well now has a structured hierarchy to ensure that available staffing resources are distributed through the borough according to needs .
4 When he came back he looked very grave and said , " Great king , I know well what sorry news it will be to you , but the cause of your sickness is those very lettuces by which you set such store . "
5 I have personal doubts on the few modular courses I know well .
6 The position is , of course , quite different if the witness knows the person concerned well enough to say : ‘ I was hit by a man I know well and whose name is Jack Spratt . ’
7 I will ask a family I know well , out in the country , if you can stay with them . ’
8 I know well stupid brat .
9 I know well
10 But the energy was still there , we know full well , that there 's other MPs there , I think it 's thirty seven we 've got and we , the only one that I know well is Gerald Kaufman .
11 If I 'm with someone I know well , someone I feel at ease with , I do n't find it necessary to talk all the time .
12 My right hon. Friend the Leader of the Opposition would have liked to be here this evening because I know well that he has been a tremendous support to my hon. and learned Friend and his family in many small and touching ways , which I know have been deeply appreciated .
13 In my own drama teaching I rarely use games with a class that I know well , but when I 'm working with a class that I 've not met before I often begin the session with a short concentration exercise and then a simple game .
14 I know well , this is it they say do n't they
15 I know well it 's not your do n't wan na open the door and ca n't open the door properly cos the bed 's there , one step and you 're on the bed .
16 I know well we could have found out quite easily .
17 I thought to myself when it was erm , advertised on television , I thought I 'll tape that I bet I know well you 'll be interested in that .
18 I know well I do n't , go and get a cloth and clear up the mess that you 've made .
19 I know well he was growing it were n't he ?
20 You rotten thing you , I know well Mike 's
21 I know well I was like this in n it ?
22 No , no I know well ready to get on with the next bit .
23 I know well you 've had your breakfast and your lunch here .
24 I know well
25 I know well I have n't got much commonsense
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