Example sentences of "i 've given " in BNC.

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1 ‘ OK , ’ said Francis , ‘ I 've given you months , darling .
2 I 've given a whole chapter to my constituency .
3 So far , I 've given two to friends in hospital and one to an elderly neighbour , who 's begged me to let her have another one so that she can pass the first one on .
4 Now I really love dressing up and I 've given all my trainers away to my brother .
5 I 've given you the message .
6 I hope I 've given you the motivation — and confidence — to go out and develop your own personal communication style to its full potential .
7 I 've given a copy free to everyone who 's donated something to us .
8 I 've given you Hell from the minute you walked in here , and that 's how it 'll stay .
9 I 've given you all a choice , but you 're the only one who is getting it straight , all cards on the table .
10 1 ) ‘ I 've given up worrying if my toddler does n't eat breakfast or lunch because I know she 'll eat almost as much as her dad for tea .
11 I 've given Oscar a nice wash and mended his tail with Elastoplast . ’
12 ‘ Look lady , I 've given ya all the rope I could and I guess you jus ' plumb hung yourself .
13 I 've given her something — ‘
14 ‘ Still , at least you seem to appreciate I 've given you the plum job , whilst landing myself with the task of keeping an eye on Fedorov .
15 This is the ‘ I can not ’ , the ‘ I 've given up ’ state with absence of feelings , energy , vitality , enthusiasm , sometimes to the point where we may never try again .
16 I 've given you the best six months of
17 I 've given up trying . ’
18 I 've given your lane away , ’ he said .
19 But we 'll manage something — he 's going to write — I 've given him your address , Bina — when you get a letter from Spain it 'll be to me from him — you will hide them from your parents , wo n't you ?
20 They were standing now , in the as bomb-hit kitchen , Rab and Doctor ; and Doctor — she was taller than him , what with her feather and hat , by a good head — said , ‘ Those pills that I 've given you , take them only as prescribed .
21 I 've given her a mild sedative and I 'll sit here with her myself until she sleeps . ’
22 Whenever I use anything else — a different amp or something — I just ca n't get anything to happen , so I 've given up trying , basically . ’
23 I used to but I 've given up since my accident . ’
24 I 've given him a couple of garters for his socks .
25 I 've given a hand at the creation of several .
26 It 's pretty much ready to go but I 'm quite keen to extend this playtime period I 've given myself .
27 I 've given it up because I used to be a cheesaholic .
28 Then , walking away in disgust , he said , ‘ I 've never come across such a disgraceful congregation in all the years I 've given burial services . ’
29 I 've given her a draught .
30 I 've given you one answer .
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