Example sentences of "i have [be] " in BNC.

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1 I rub my face quick so she do n't see I 've been crying .
2 I see I 've been slipping up a bit . ’
3 ‘ I can see I 've been displaced in Leo 's affections . ’
4 He said , well you see I 've been smoking .
5 See I 've been coming for years with mouth ulcers .
6 See I 've been getting a kind of rash on my face
7 You see I 've been entrusted with the task of getting him safely back to the Reich and I 've little more than three weeks to do it in . ’
8 Well I mean I do I 've been doing aerobics a long time .
9 Oh that 's not so bad you see I 've been on holiday all last week
10 See I 've been spoilt really
11 i found myself in the same place where I 'd been wounded in Easter , 1917 .
12 Doing Ophelia on stage before taking up the BBC contract meant that I went there with a little track record — I 'd been blooded , if you like , and it made the whole thing a lot better .
13 I 'd been trying to get into training since I was fourteen .
14 If I 'd been a union member I might have held out for a better offer or some redundancy money , but I was n't , so that was that .
15 I could not believe that I 'd been so stupid , or that such a simple mistake was about to have such dire consequences .
16 ‘ Everyone would think I 'd been messing around !
17 Honestly , girl , if you only knew where I 'd been to try and find you ! ’
18 Both Jenny and Kathleen were up to various things and I 'd been having a go myself , but although my name was appearing on more and more waiting lists , nothing substantial seemed to be happening .
19 But I realised I 'd been a bit heavy .
20 How glad I 'd been in those first nights with him .
21 On her last visit I 'd been unable to take my eyes off her gold earrings and her bangles .
22 I 'd been amazed that in London you could buy ready-made couscous in packets , and that the English used it in their cooking .
23 I answered him with lies , happy that he was so interested after I 'd been certain that he 'd never say a word to me : I told him that I grew it myself , my family grew it , and it was everywhere like green grass and empty milk bottles in London ; it was really amazing hashish. wherever I threw its seeds it sprang up like flames leaping into the air .
24 After seeing the picture of Scafell Massif taken in evening sunshine from the summit of Yewbarrow , I could n't help wishing I 'd been there .
25 I 'd been officially blind for five years when I met Pete at the Guide Dog Centre in Wokingham , Berkshire , ’ Andrew Miles explained .
26 I 'd been everywhere in books : I read a lot about exotic places .
27 She no doubt thought I 'd been out in the sun too long .
28 I 'd been after a pair for ages .
29 I 'd been given it when I was seven but I 'd never learnt to play it .
30 The last time I 'd been there I nearly got caught bunking my fare .
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