Example sentences of "i know how " in BNC.

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1 Little did I know how right he was because the first thing that happened when David 's mother had a bad day , she would call me everything under the sun .
2 I found I was being sent to some ghastly hole , miles from civilisation , on top of the Lincolnshire wolds , and as I trekked sullenly north , little did I know how the course of my life was about to be permanently changed .
3 Neither do I know how the things get into baths so frequently .
4 Do I know how to construct chords using extensions and alterations ?
5 Little did I know how serious they were .
6 Little did I know how useful these things were going to be to me in the future .
7 There is an hour when I must die , Nor do I know how soon ‘ twill come A thousand children , young as I , Are call 'd by death to hear their doom .
8 How do I know how the secondment is going ?
9 Was n't this a property-owning democracy , had n't the Prime Minister told him so herself , did n't all our readers have mortgages , did I know how much prices in his road had gone up ?
10 How the hell should I know how the noble Count de Sciorto chooses to amuse himself ? ’
12 ‘ And moreover , could I know how long the prince would stay here ?
13 Thus … in reply to being asked if they worried more than others , they would answer , ‘ How can I know how much others worry ? ’ ’
14 a price on them , how do I know how much
15 having been in the US 's ‘ back yard ’ I know how little attention is paid to those issues there .
16 I am thirteen years old , and if ten years of my youth were taken over by four plain walls and nothing to do , I know how I would feel .
17 I know how the funicular is operating .
18 ‘ I reckon I know how Leonardo da Vinci must have felt . ’
19 I 'm not sure that I know how to explain it to you . ’
20 ‘ I hope I know how I would behave , but you do n't know until it happens to you .
21 I 've nothing against aeroplanes landing on stage , but there should be a place for personal musicals , and frankly they 're all I know how to write .
22 I picked an individual Cottage Pie , because that is something I sometimes prepare at home and I think I know how good ( or terrible ! ) it can be .
23 It was the same idea of the Empire as a patrimony , or an estate , the source of a livelihood for the mothercountry , to which Chamberlain had appealed : ‘ I know how our forefathers … bore themselves bravely in the titanic strife with Napoleon and came out victorious .
24 I know how you feel , Daddy , but maybe it is better not to take too strong a stand .
25 I know how much he loves everybody in the house . ’
26 I know how tired she must be after the journey .
27 ‘ Now I know how Julius Caesar felt on the steps of the Senate before he was stabbed in the back , ’ Bettinson said .
28 ‘ Now I know how Julius Caesar felt on the steps of the Senate before he was stabbed in the back , ’ Bettinson said .
29 I know how .
30 I know how you feel , Mark , ’ Muldoon said sadly .
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