Example sentences of "you 've given " in BNC.

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1 This , however , is what we do , together with a big ‘ Thank you ’ for all the news and views that you 've given us in 1991 .
2 You 've given me a heck of a lot of ammunition . ’
3 ‘ Willoughby , you 've given us a brief outline of a frankly hap-hazard sort of life up to now .
4 You 've given me an idea .
5 A programme does not have to be conventionally ‘ nine to five , structured but participants are more likely to accommodate themselves to unusual arrangements if you 've given them time for themselves .
6 Filming orchestral music is obviously an art which you 've given special thought to and you are pioneering your own editing methods in the light of your long musical and interpretative experience .
7 They tell you to go on with artificial respiration for ever , for long after you 've given up hope .
8 I expect you 'd like a drink , oh of course not , you 've given up . ’
9 After you 've given birth , levels decrease , returning to pre-natal levels .
10 Presumably you 've given this careful thought . ’
11 You 've given me an idea .
12 You 've given me an idea , Lee .
13 But as Mrs Charley says : ‘ When you 've given up holidays and worked on a budget as tight as ours then you have to believe in miracles . ’
14 ‘ I could manage stockings out of what you 've given me . ’
15 Once you 've given the carpets a good going over , you can also use the Steamatic to add a sparkle to glass top tables , mirrors and mirrored wardrobe doors .
16 And it will be obvious to the person receiving your letter that you 've given it priority treatment , to ensure a speedy arrival .
17 ‘ Well , you 've given her cause from the beginning , have n't you ?
18 Charlie says : ‘ I think it must be very difficult every day to give so much of yourself to so many people — and not feel in a way that , since you 've given a great deal , therefore you deserve love and warmth when you go home . ’
19 ‘ Here is Mr Bailey 's version : ‘ Oh Marjie , we always read your column Marjie , For Forty years , you 're our favourite Agony Aunt , You 've given thousands good advice , that 's what we want , Oh Marjie , long may your column greet our eyes each waking day , Count your job a task well done , now go out and have some fun .
20 ‘ Serve the Captain — what 's this stuff you 've given me ?
21 You 've given it , ’ said Arlott .
22 I said , " You 've given him a bloody licence to do it . "
23 You 've given me enough food to keep me alive and Cousin Genti 's cast-off clothing , seeing we 're the same size .
24 ‘ If you are referring to Mrs. Channing , you 've given me no instructions to regard her as a client . ’
25 So you 've given a breakdown of th roughly how much
26 If you 've given thought to them and excluded them , that 's fine as long as you 've made it clear .
27 But if you have n't got that amount of capital it takes capital out of your hands and you ca n't spend it in five years time if you need it because you 've given it away effectively forever .
28 Erm you 've given them a good start in life , it 's your money , enjoy yourselves with it .
29 You know they 're either set up now you 've given them an education and thrown them on the world squandering it now they 'll only squander it when they get their hands on it you might as well squander it on yourselves , let the kids squander it for you .
30 ‘ Do n't tell me you 've given up being a fashion model ! ’
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