Example sentences of "you [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 You may trip over a couple of times on the way but you will be quite capable of picking yourself up and getting on with life until you have achieved your goal .
2 Right , you may troop by that and look down there , notice I was n't wearing the goggles that was naughty of me was n't it ?
3 I you may memory , you added he had a hand gun that 's what she told you ?
4 Or you may sort of erm people who you do the same thing over and over again , the same sort of job , would you not agree a little bit of complacency can set in and erm things do n't perhaps come over quite as they should ?
5 Now Jean was pleased because I do sequence dancing which I learnt with my husband , and so now this coming September when we start back again , once a month I 'm going to teach some sequence dancing in the hope that some young ones would , will hear of it and , and join because then once you can sort of get them involved with one thing you may sort of get good numbers .
6 If you may sort of done it
7 Seven hundred and forty which you may card to ignore , that there are some base dwellings .
8 I thought that was very significant : you may cheek a dinner lady , but you do n't do so to someone you know and respect .
9 And while the messenger is on his errand , you may array yourself suitably .
10 Before you attempt some — if not all — of these exercises , you must warm-up first with ‘ The Daily Dozen ’ .
11 You must gauge for yourself whether or not you have struck up a good relationship with the interviewer and whether a letter would work for you or against you .
12 To find them reliably you must resort , once again , to a computer .
13 This is because a complete rose is not usually ready to be pressed in one go , so you must condition it first by stripping it of its leaves and thorns , cutting the stem and then crushing it with a hammer , before placing it in fairly deep water .
14 the inside nought instead of the outside , or you could have it upside down or anything else , but that 's pointing North , you must line it up so it points North , right , now what bearing am I from you ?
15 be careful of the roads because a car ca n't erm ca n't always stop in time it 's up to you not to walk out in front of them cos they can say oh well you should be able to stop in time but in practice if you drove to be able to stop in time if somebody stepped out in front of you you 'd never above about five miles an hour you know ? you must sort of stick to the speed limits I do n't believe it we got gaining on the car in front .
16 You know , you must wonna , you must wanted with it .
17 You must practice this technique many times until you find that every time you shout ‘ STOP ! ’ the thoughts are successfully blocked .
18 A student 's life is ruled by the clock : there 's a time to be up and about if you want breakfast ; a time to be in college for a lecture or tutorial ; a time by which you must hand in an essay or project report ; a time to study and a time to relax .
19 ‘ Is the Maclean motto not good enough for you , that you must needs be inventing one ? ’
20 The one safe stronghold left in Other world and you must needs breach it ! ’
21 No you should man , it 's , it 's , seriously man they 're m it 's so funny .
22 Of course you should dose it should conditions be foggy .
23 up to one X you should times by two which is twenty nine .
24 If it is not the one required , you should overtype it with the correct option number and press RETURN .
25 If it is not the one required , you should overtype it with the correct single digit option number and press RETURN .
26 Because you should sort of stand
27 Where the road is , you sh- , you should sort of come out like that and the main road sort of goes round like that and you need to sort of go like that .
28 I think you should pool together
29 You should phase out the use of artificial reinforcers ( tokens or points ) when the child has learned a skill well , or when persistent problematic behaviour has been rectified .
30 You should post payment , or pay the balance to your travel agent , 10 weeks before departure to allow the payment to clear to our account , otherwise our computer will cancel your booking , and you would be liable to pay cancellation charges as shown in Condition ( 9 ) .
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