Example sentences of "that have [verb] " in BNC.

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1 During six weeks of intensive pre-tour training at Lilleshall , Graham Gooch 's batsmen have , for the first time , been using a special indoor mat in the nets that has spun like a sub-continental wicket .
2 High Court grants permission for full trial of solicitor accused of negligence over £4m will after six-year wrangle that has tied legal profession in knots Milestone in brother 's ‘ crusade for justice ’ .
3 Er , some some translations will put it tha that , that a , that a great storm blew up , but he word that is originally used there is the wi i , conveys the idea that this is no ordinary storm , this is just a , a sudden squall that has blown and in a , in a short while will blow itself out again , but it 's a strong word that 's used here , a word that would , that would denote a whirlwind or a tempest , something above and beyond the ordinary course of events that these disciples , many of them experience fisherman , would have known and been able to cope without any problem .
4 What hair that is left on my head became steam that wisped past my left eye , a ball that has bounced in and out of many a brain cover .
5 We write to express astonishment at the standard of writing that has featured in much of your pre-election coverage .
6 His answer , however , was infected with the same problem of vague wording that has featured in all his replies .
7 We know that the Labour party is committed to an increase in child benefit and pensions , covered by its eight new or increased taxes , a point that has featured in the debate .
8 But now , sitting in ITN 's new steel and glass office-studios in central London , Trevor announces he is petrified by the burden that has landed on his elegantly-suited shoulders .
9 That is bad news , and threatens a continuation of the debilitating battle between the government and the parliament that has dragged on since last November .
10 Or maybe , the soul that has striven to rise above human weakness is given a brief , or longer , sojourn in some higher , astral sphere — until the effects of such aspirations are outweighed by the desires of the mind for more life experience in this denser , physical world .
11 It is certain , though , that the constructivism that has received the most attention in psychology and philosophy has been the developmental theory of Jean Piaget .
12 Gliclazide is the sulphonylurea that has received most study in terms of possible effects on platelet function .
13 Of all the elements that go to make up the accident causation system , the one that has received the least attention in residential areas is the design of the road network itself .
14 Despite the importance of the above influences , it is the impact of advertising on the structure and politics of the British press that has received closest attention .
15 A second view that a scientific theory is a complex structure of some kind is one that has received a great deal of attention in recent years .
16 Despite its obvious importance , however , crowd violence is an issue that has received little academic attention in this country , particularly with regard to long-term trends .
17 One area that has received special attention is the text of the Admission and Call Declarations : these have been redrafted , although the final draft has yet to be approved .
18 Anorexia nervosa patients seem unable to identify and to respond accurately to their emotional state , a deficit that has received some empirical support .
19 Perhaps the region that has received most attention in the press in this context is Amazonia .
20 In such studies , the argument is cause-to-effect , i.e. we match a group that has received X with a control group and look to see if the observed responses in the S 1 and S 2 samples differ .
21 The historical progression that has led to this can , at the price of great oversimplification , be seen as follows .
22 BENEATH the hype , Mickey Mouse , the Magic Kingdom and the publicity that has led to more than 100,000 people already enquiring about Eurodisney shares in the UK alone , there remains a disconcerting truth about this international share offer .
23 Central Council is most grateful for the generous support that has led to this successful outcome .
24 Fact is , it 's precisely the too-thorough internalization of punk 's dread of the hippy and the resulting strategy of self-limitation that has led to a wholly different kind of dire stasis .
25 MR SAM NUJOMA is the latest on the liberation trail that has led so many Africans from jail and exile to the presidency of their country .
26 ‘ Conveniently ’ would be a better word , and would refer , correctly , to the ugly cowardice that has led to this bloody mess .
27 If you are sincerely dieting in a way that has led you to lose weight in the past , just stick with the same regime for a further week or two .
28 The evidence that has led people to think that it may be can be illustrated by an example .
29 There is one fact that has led people to think that evolution has crossed valleys .
30 It is the realisation of this that has led to sensory methods of assessment being developed .
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