Example sentences of "i [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 What contribution do I make to the group task ( the content ) ?
2 What contribution do I make to the group interaction ( the process ) ?
3 My Lords , that concludes my analysis of what I perceive to be the important British cases but before seeking to draw conclusions therefrom I must refer to certain Commonwealth and American cases .
4 I would not want to return you to your female progenitor in what , from my briefings on human culture , I perceive to be an indecorous condition . ’
5 When we landed at Bombay ( for the story has a happy ending ) I asked to be shown the piece of tarmac pasteurised for the Pope to kiss on his recent visit , so I could bless it too ( poojahs is the Hindi word ) and give thanks for deliverance .
6 I asked to be provided with a car and an interpreter/guide .
7 But being me I could n't stand that very long , may be two or three months , and I asked to be moved .
8 When I was alone with the General I asked to be transferred .
9 A week later back in Vancouver , when Canada joined Britain in the war against Germany and Italy , I applied to the RCAF recruiting office for a commission , in view of my earlier flying experience .
10 I applied to correspondence courses for writing , I joined a music workshop , and at the same time I had to rush into a job , as I came over with just one bag and no money . ’
11 As I have to be in London for the entire week of the General Election , I applied to Darlington Town Hall for a postal vote .
12 With the borrowed gun I keep him covered while I back to the cabin door and open it .
13 How shall I answer to Christ for that , Clerk ? ’
14 I introduce to you ,
15 The end result is an extremely well-written , amusing narrative which I commend to everyone fortunate enough to have known the Club and particularly to those who will know it in the future .
16 I commend to the people who want to send Monsignor Kent to the stake the self explanatory activity of the British Nuclear Forum .
17 A useful approach , is to be found in Dawson and Stevens , Family Proceedings Court ( 1991 ) which I commend to practitioners in this field and to justices and their clerks .
18 Sir I commend to you the expert evidence relating to the historic character and I hope sir when you visit this site , although it may look very different at this moment from the way it would have done had you been able to visit it after the originally scheduled date of this enquiry , when the daffodils were out ,
19 This is the experiment and experience I commend to any business man or industrialist who wants to meet the challenge of the ideological crisis of our times .
20 I commend to him early-day motion 209 , tabled by the hon. Member for Cambridgeshire , South-West ( Sir A. Grant ) , which calls on the Government to take a more realistic view of the help that they can give to telecommunications if those important jobs are to be safeguarded .
21 This Sunday is observed as World Day of Prayer for Vocations , I commend to your attention the materials from the National Vocations Office and ask that you bring out the theme of vocations in your celebration of the liturgy of this Sunday of Easter .
22 I commend to you , therefore , a delightful little paperback entitled Rear Gunner Pathfinder .
23 I believe these checks and balances built up over many years are essential to the maintenance of true democracy in this country and I commend to Your Lordships Amendments five , eight and eleven for those reasons .
24 I commend to you all this
25 I doubled to the other side of the deck and joined the Sergeant Major and Brigadier Mills Roberts .
26 ‘ Am I goin' to be by meself ? ’ asked Dolly in disgust .
27 What kind of answer do I want to the question of how I use a map in my head ?
28 ‘ What would I want to be in a stupid team for ? ’
29 What I mean by setting goals is asking yourself ‘ What sort of person do I want to be ? ’
30 Note that I said ‘ do I want to be ’ rather than ‘ would I like to be ’ as the latter allows for the possibility of failure .
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