Example sentences of "i [verb] about " in BNC.

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1 She gently reminded me that on being in the same room as a baby , the same borough , I became about as relaxed and spontaneous as any old member of the royal family being introduced to Lech Walesa .
2 –Darling , what am I blathering about ?
3 An interesting example of this , I read about recently in the press .
4 You know , I mean , I was convinced that there was no such thing as religion after I 'd read the book I mean , anything I read about , I immediately say , oh yes , of course that 's true , you know .
5 When you 're having another one of those parties I read about in the Sport .
6 I mean I tried , tried to er er done it in my book about my again and I read about two pages and I fell asleep .
7 The last time I made about half a pint of bread sauce , I lost half the bread sauce all over it !
8 the er children 's television show they they occasionally show a Newfoundland pulling a boat , well now that 's the film that I made about ten years ago and this Newfoundland pulled in the boat .
9 I averaged about five queers a day .
10 At home , I mooched about in a pair of basketball boots mended with a bicycle repair kit , eating ketchup on bread , and staring at a wart on my finger the size and texture of a tiny cauliflower .
11 I 've got about , you see I 've about ten minutes
12 I mean about , what , recently I 've been getting it for ages and this time it was n't there , and I , and I thought to myself dam it I 'm not going
13 That 's what I mean about when he sort of ran off that night I thought , in one way I was pissed off with him but in one way I thought well at least he can you know ?
14 In my teens , I remember , the usual result ( and when I say usual I mean about twice a week ) was sudden , fulminating appendicitis .
15 I mean about ten pound is the cheapest and perhaps even twelve .
16 yes , well I mean about two lots of minutes ago
17 I fussed about , preparing myself , washing , combing my hair and putting on my borrowed finery .
18 I got about halfway , and then wished for a spurt of invention that did n't depend upon one strident clown shaking a furious finger at someone who was standing two feet behind him . ’
19 I made one stupid mistake in one of my books , about a car , and I got about 25 letters .
20 And er the firm payed me er four shilling , a week , and er the man I was working with , he he , the rest of it was taken out of his er his er wage packet er and put into mine , and so I got about eleven and sixpence a week .
21 And er I got , they 'd got about twelve hundred members , and I think I got about a thousand , of course there were n't two of the men that knew and they voted .
22 Not that the senior management of Even Rudergrams saw it that way , of course , and it took nearly an hour 's arguing before I got about sixty per cent of my agreed fee .
23 Oh I got more than that actually I got about ten p .
24 Oh I ca n't tell you that I would n't never discuss things like that , until I got about twenty five , you know neighbours or not , and I said why did they call him ?
25 I had about Friday night I finished work here at twelve and then up again at and I got about two hours sleep then and I started to .
26 Or must I wait about while the brat traipses away up there with meat for her , eh ? ’
27 He would n't let me say something and I tried about three times and in the end I just kept talking ,
28 I mean I pity about today .
29 The first season I fished it I caught a solitary barbel , during the second I caught about a dozen and in the third well over fifty .
30 like I say about ten to eleven , five to eleven said what are you doing then Bob ?
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