Example sentences of "i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The important debate in my opinion that we shall have this Committee stage and it is for that reason and also because for four-and-a-half years which I think is regarded as a very long time , I was answerable for police affairs er with the Home Secretary in another place , as the Noble Lord , Lord Callaghan will remember , many years ago , it goes back to January nineteen fifty-eight when I became Under Secretary and he was political advisor to the Police Federation and we very rarely disagreed I 'm happy to say .
2 I became at once possessive about it … there was already talk about the war ending and Sadler 's Wells reopening and it seemed to me entirely fitting for the Sadler 's Wells Company to reopen the theatre at Rosebery Avenue after the war with a new opera by a leading young English composer .
3 Much as the work fascinated me , and fonder each day as I became of Edward , there was nevertheless a growing sense of frustration .
4 But the more I thought about his view the less happy I became about it .
5 When I became in a conscious way feminist I pondered long what it meant that a woman could not in such a way depict Christ as being in her image .
6 ‘ In the end I became like the chaplain or the lady who did the hair or the manicurist. patients would ask , ‘ has the artist done you yet ? ’
7 What , I wonder , should I make of Brian Hitchen ‘ thinking about writing the Great British Novel [ Mr Hitchen is editor of the DAILY STAR ] ’ ?
8 What can I make of these ,
9 What excuse could I make for going out into the garden ? "
10 What a coil do I make for the loss of my punk
11 What contribution do I make to the group task ( the content ) ?
12 What contribution do I make to the group interaction ( the process ) ?
13 Some theft cases can be prosecuted under section 15 , but it is fallacious , having regard to what I perceive as the true meaning of appropriation , to say that all cases of obtaining by deception can be prosecuted under section 1 .
14 My Lords , that concludes my analysis of what I perceive to be the important British cases but before seeking to draw conclusions therefrom I must refer to certain Commonwealth and American cases .
15 I would not want to return you to your female progenitor in what , from my briefings on human culture , I perceive to be an indecorous condition . ’
16 I make myself aware of a three-dimensional object by synthesizing what I perceive from here with what I imagine from there , of a continuing event by synthesizing what I perceive now with what I remember from past and anticipate from future viewpoints ; and in either case ‘ Be aware ’ obliges me to let myself be moved from the different viewpoints , as a causally necessary condition of becoming aware from them .
17 It is often the negative power I perceive within myself that is so difficult to account for , or control .
18 Be that as it may , I perceive in your decision to purchase these shorts — you did purchase these shorts , did n't you ? ’
19 ‘ If I want to cry , I hide in the toilet and feel desperate ’ , was a common reaction if I asked someone where she cried .
20 I hide in the bedroom , pretending to work on my lines .
21 That is why I side with the scientists and the Fundamentalists of Arkansas against the fake liberals .
22 I side with Bob Templeton , the Australian coach , and his pragmatic approach .
23 Stalling for his arrival I asked about the religion .
24 I asked about her daughter and her son and husband .
25 About four years ago , while negotiating a new house insurance , I asked about coverage of my wife 's knitting machines while in transit to and from evening classes .
26 I asked about murder .
27 I asked about his wife .
28 I asked about her work before she married .
29 After using it , I asked about its accuracy , as the readings bore no resemblance to that of the chemical test kit .
30 He said , ‘ Well , I asked about your life .
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