Example sentences of "i [be] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It was pleasant but had I been blindfolded I would not have been able to tell the difference from its cheaper , non-organic counterpart .
2 ‘ Nowhere have I been presented with so many extraordinary opportunities for startlingly fresh and original material for radio , ’ he says of Greenland , where he borrows a cassette and goes out recording ‘ wild track ’ ( a technical term that he expects us to know , meaning the sound background you hear when the broadcaster mercifully shuts up . )
3 Or ( how many years have I been promising myself this ? ) sorting out the stock cupboard/prep room ?
4 ‘ I am , ’ said Linda , ‘ I been squashed all over and I ai n't got no breath left .
5 You know , pet , I been thinking .
6 ‘ Yes , but I been thinking , ’ insisted Sam .
7 I , I been thinking
8 Understandable had I been writing this in August , but as it is still March it looks as if we are in for another drought this summer .
9 Had I been asked to imagine myself as I would have looked during that time , you can be sure that I would have had the beautiful gown , the ruffled frill and the bejewelled fingers of a lady .
10 Then whom or what have I been seeing , Mrs Ridley ?
11 out my nails look , I been scrubbing it everyday .
12 What the f— have I been drinking ?
13 what , what have I been shouting ?
14 ‘ What have I been eating ? ’
15 But will I been seen as a museum piece by some ?
16 ‘ Not only have I been separated from my wife for the past five years — but in all that time I 've only once managed to make love to her .
17 I been trying to think all the way back , but I ca n't figure it out .
18 Have I been breaking that ?
19 Had I been sent for much earlier I would have tried to turn the baby — but now … it 's too late .
20 What have I been criticized for at work ?
21 Have I been sending people out to do this ?
22 Why have I been treated in such a cowardly and despicable manner ? ’
23 I been beaten up by hoods , framed on a murder rap , beaten up by cops , sent up the river , beaten up by prison bulls , got a last-minute reprieve from the governor , and been beaten up by my girl . ’
24 I been looking forward to this all day .
25 This one er what 's , what 's going on , he said well what I been called for
26 Had I been called upon to exercise my discretion , I would have given particular consideration to the great disturbance that I have found the residents suffer .
27 Had I been born in the Middle Ages , I knew that I would have been one of those retainers who stayed inside the castle and embroidered whilst the knights went off to slaughter the French .
28 How long had I been doing this without a break ?
29 Well what have I been doing ?
30 ‘ I have encountered many species in my time , Fakrid , ’ he concluded , ‘ but never have I been forced to endure such unfounded bombast ! ’
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