Example sentences of "is that a " in BNC.

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1 The advice offered here is that a reader should ignore what category of writing a book or article may come under , since helpful art criticism may be found in all sorts of sources .
2 The imperative for a writer of a chronological survey is that a defined period of time is covered ; this may be linked with a theme , such as the history of styles in Gombrich 's case , but it is unlikely to be linked solely with a spotlight on quality .
3 The first and most obvious difficulty is that a three-dimensional object can not fit satisfactorily on to a flat page .
4 One story about his teaching is that a new student would be told to observe a fish in a tank .
5 One very obvious but important observation is that a pub is first and foremost an interior .
6 The advantage of rope and parafil for car launching is that a drogue or parachute are not absolutely necessary .
7 The fundamental difference between the two routes , then , is that a pronunciation is either built up from sublexical components ( ‘ assembled ’ phonology ) or looked up as a whole ( ‘ addressed ’ phonology ) .
8 The key recommendation is that a workforce should be recruited and trained to bring five million energy-inefficient homes to current building standards at a cost of £2–3,000 each or a total of £40–45 billion .
9 The basic idea is that a few parameters are turned into a smooth curve by a standardised computation .
10 What I am saying is that a lot of the common English objections to Ezra Pound have substance , and would be worth taking seriously , if only we could be sure that they were advanced in good faith , in humility , and with compassion .
11 The general opinion is that a bridge is necessary , though not a toll bridge . ’
12 The key to yesterday 's deal is that a problem of this magnitude is now unlikely to happen again .
13 The contrary view is that a huge capital investment will have to be made soon to maintain buildings and provide equipment .
14 The final qualification is that a print-maker , to reach the very top of the tree , must be known and appreciated by the Japanese .
15 A further problem is that a BAe takeover would strengthen German objections to Ferranti winning the radar contract for the European Fighter Aircraft since it would mean BAe gaining a disproportionately large share of the total project .
16 The truth is that a whiff of counter-revolution is hard to find — dismaying though that may be for party propagandists .
17 The official excuse for a sudden wave sweeping every column inch of coverage is that a genuine revelation has occurred .
18 The plan is that a new company , soon to be renamed LWT ( Holdings ) , will buy in all of LWT 's shares , paying one new preferred share plus a package worth 130p made up of a special dividend of 60p , an associated tax credit of 20p and either loan notes or cash worth 50p .
19 One assertion which has been made in support of student loans is that a student should be prepared to take a loan in respect of his or her enhanced earning capacity as a graduate .
20 The result of this relatively narrow income distribution is that a company can be truly multinational , doing business with a spread of nations with high levels of income , whilst confining its activities to a very small number of countries .
21 The overt expression of that passivity and self-condemnation is that a whole range of the voices of public opinion are on the side of what you and I call the criminals .
22 The most obvious is that a larger amount of time is required from the writer .
23 The principal disadvantage is that a limited company invariably incurs some additional costs .
24 What is especially fascinating about this text is that a rehabilitation of masculinity coexists with an ironic repudiation of it , and a critique of what might be called masculinity 's cultural unconscious .
25 What we learn from Wilde , Gide , Barthes , and others is that a conventionally understood politics which ignores sexual desire will quite possibly be as disastrous as one which makes that desire the prime mover — even , or especially , in the age of so-called post-liberation .
26 ‘ What surprises us is that a man of his means should have such superb false ones . ’
27 Naturally , the greater part of the volume of this room is within the roof space and a consequence of this is that a small pre-existing ventilation opening , which was sited high up below the eaves of the barn and is now glazed to form a window , has its sill at floor level .
28 The prospect for the future is that a modernising Soviet economy might even prefer to buy better quality equipment from elsewhere .
29 Keeler 's conclusion is that a weed must bear 10 or 11 of the tell-tale traits to be seriously weedy .
30 Ignoring the rights and wrongs of Lord Elton 's disagreements with some of his members , the fact is that a body meant to protect investors has been overshadowed by policy rows with the investment firms which make up its membership .
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