Example sentences of "is that the " in BNC.

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1 The reality of AIDS is that the person can die at any time .
2 A consequence of this tradition is that the sculptor 's own personality may receive less prominence in a monograph than a painter 's , as the effect of patronage given or withheld can be decisive in a sculptor 's career .
3 A difference between Morelli and Friedlander is that the former explains his method , while the latter does not .
4 Part of the charm of a sale is that the financial result is in itself a sort of critical judgement , reflecting even if not defining the taste and mood of the moment .
5 Part of the reason for this is that the American professoriat is the largest in the world , while the American market for current art is unprecedented ; it is evident that the turnover of the American art market as a whole is the largest in the world .
6 One incidental advantage of personality pieces is that the magazines in which they appear may be able to afford good-quality colour reproductions .
7 The trouble is that the allegation has begun to seem convincing .
8 All four books reveal a steady concern with imitation and interpretation , and to read them together is to be clearer about what it is that the writer intends us to think that he thinks about things .
9 One thing you can be sure of is that the panel will know the words of these characters very well ( they will probably be able to prompt you at any given moment should you ‘ dry ’ ) but each and every time the lines are spoken by a new voice they are different in their texture , humour , drama and music .
10 Quite clearly the most important thing about final presentations is that the play suits the talent available in the group .
11 However , one thing worth mentioning at this point is that the larger parts are not always a guarantee of an agent 's interest — quite often big roles will attract attention , but a student who has been very well cast in a smaller role may hit the mark just as effectively .
12 But the central and substantive argument that defenders of Roman catholic schools have had to deal with is that the dual school system in Northern Ireland encourages , supports , or at least reinforces the sectarian divide , and that it forms part of the vicious circle maintaining conflict in Ulster .
13 The fact is that the project itself will call into question the notion of success and failure , my theme in the big glass , he wrote , is , after all , the calling into question of such terms as success and failure , the calling into question of such notions as project and even work .
14 ( Yet beauty of glass is that the story it tells is that the parts can not cohere , can not form a whole , even though they would like to . )
15 ( Yet beauty of glass is that the story it tells is that the parts can not cohere , can not form a whole , even though they would like to . )
16 ‘ General opinion is that the rate will result in increased tariffs , which under the present economic conditions will serve only to reduce competitiveness , ’ the survey said .
17 The difference between most ARC members and professional chefs , male or female , is that the former have not been through ‘ the system ’ .
18 If the variometer is fluctuating and reading up on one side of the circle and down a little on the other , the probability is that the glider is not climbing at all but is just drifting further down wind .
19 The cause of almost every incident where the airbrakes open during the launch is that the pilot has failed to lock them correctly .
20 The first is that the wind tends to lift the upwind wing-tip and the second is that the glider tends to weathercock into the wind .
21 The first is that the wind tends to lift the upwind wing-tip and the second is that the glider tends to weathercock into the wind .
22 Most unintentional stalls occur , by definition , unexpectedly and usually the first obvious sign of what has happened is that the pilot is banging the stick on the rear stop with the nose still dropping — a frightening feeling .
23 One consequence of these modes of thought is that the service has to live out a continuous and enormous paradox .
24 The result is that the ‘ war against crime ’ fought by detectives becomes a symbolic re-enactment of conflicts in the economic world at large , between those who have material property and power and those who labour and are dispossessed .
25 Since one of the requirements for a score is that the contestant retains an effective defensive posture , the potential score is wiped out and a penalty imposed in its place .
26 The first is that the opponent 's punch need miss only by the smallest amount .
27 The third point is that the opponent 's fist only needs a slight deflection so you should n't need to make your action too pronounced .
28 What happens is that the head of the humerus levers through the already weakened shoulder muscle , causing a severe tissue insult and great pain .
29 What is clear is that the financial cost of alcohol misuse to society as a whole runs into hundreds of millions of pounds each year .
30 What I hope to show is that the attacks on the reality and irreducibility of both subjective experience and thought leave one with no contentful conception of the world .
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