Example sentences of "is for [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The more effort that has to be put into these component skills , the less processing space there is for monitoring the procedure — i.e. , taking the message as a cognitive object and scrutinizing it for possible inconsistencies .
2 WHAT a spoilsport the Queen is for objecting to the Spitting Image royal puppets being displayed in the window of Liberty in London .
3 The scheme is for accounting software supporting general ledger , accounts payable and accounts receivable functions , and there are plans to extend it to cover payroll packages .
4 Beating straps are only occasionally fitted to boards and , as the name suggests , their sole use is for sailing into wind .
5 Although strictly speaking the company is responsible for the cost of materials immediately the order is placed , the normal procedure is for costing to be delayed until the invoice has been checked and approved for payment .
6 The 3 box is for entering a technique , which we will do later .
7 So I do n't what the excuse is for moving from Road .
8 Put both side levers to I is for knitting with the carriage those needles in working ( B ) position , while others are in E , holding position .
10 The form teacher then was on about that the school is for teaching only Western ways of living , and European ways of living .
11 The first one is for producing diatonic sus4 type chords and the formula is ‘ substitute 3 for 4 ’ , so to build these chords on every scale degree all you do is delete the thirds from each triad and add in its place the note that is a diatonic fourth ( four letter names inclusive of the root note ) above the root of the chord .
12 Cocaine is for anaesthetising against pain . ’
13 Whatman 's Spill Containment Pack is for dealing with accidental spillages in the laboratory .
14 The second possible practical application of algebraic laws is for transforming programs to improve their efficiency in some way .
15 This other cleat is for adjusting the out-haul , we 'll come on to that in a moment .
16 The money is for fitting out a laboratory dealing with tempera paintings .
17 Their possible purpose is for grooming ( as above ) .
18 Life is for sharing . ’
19 But this , of course , does not mean that they are not enjoying your company , if you show that you are quite happy just to sit quietly with them , looking through a newspaper or reading a book ; for silence is for sharing too on the right occasions .
20 Yeah , you could say what it looked like and what was happening and then say , Well I 'm not quite sure what the convention is for writing them
21 The contract is for catering and housekeeping on board the accommodation vessels the Safe Holmia and Port Royal .
22 However , the presence of a mainly traffic-orientated road within a district of housing — though not ideal — should not divert attention from the fact that the area 's main use is for living , not travelling .
23 Life is for living , do your ‘ own thing ’ sometimes .
24 ‘ Life is for living and , for God 's sake , tables are for putting mugs down on . ’
25 The knob at the rear is for setting the pointer to any desired position for calibration .
26 By the way , are you realising that this week is for setting up appointments for next week .
27 The next challenge is for stuffing or dressing for game birds .
28 Dhamma is for awakening , for taming , for calming , for crossing over , for utter Nirvana .
29 One is for Flowers for the Altar , one for St. Anthony which is given to the poor who come looking for help at various times of the day and night , and the third is for Sending a Sick Child to Lourdes , the cost of which is approximately £350 .
30 A comfortable position for writing when work needs to be undertaken at close range is in some respects more difficult to achieve than it is for reading .
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