Example sentences of "is to be " in BNC.

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1 Tony is to be admitted but … wait for it … to yet another hospital !
2 ‘ If there is to be an effective Christian response to AIDS we need to support organisations like ACET who are in the front line giving practical care and support . ’
3 Three quarters of the nation 's entire AIDS problem is to be found in London and the pattern of need is changing fast .
4 It is to be regretted that many of the Government 's measures relating to its asylum policy introduced in the past few years , have been to discourage new arrivals .
5 There may , however , be questions in her mind about the choices open to her : how will the information in a catalogue differ from what is to be found in a monograph ?
6 To the question , therefore , which ought to hold the first rank , Raphael or Michelangelo , it must be answered , that if it is to be given to him who possessed a greater combination of the higher qualities of the art than any other man , there is no doubt but Raphael is the first .
7 If any one element in his style is to be singled out as predominant , it is that haunting expression of far-away desire never absent from the eyes and lips , and conveyed in every gesture , feature and attitude .
8 His kin are entrepreneurs , a wandering bourgeoisie : they have known what it is to be strangers in tight corners , as he himself is a stranger in this tight African town .
9 But if his ‘ true nature ’ is to be romantically on the rise , and to have ‘ ideas ’ , it is also his nature to occupy the middle ground .
10 All four books reveal a steady concern with imitation and interpretation , and to read them together is to be clearer about what it is that the writer intends us to think that he thinks about things .
11 Ivan Klima could be called a lyric author , and the notion of what it is to be such an author is examined in My First Loves , whose gentle and deliberate stories read as if they have been grown and stored before being made public .
12 To imagine this is to be aware that the aggressive term which I have applied to Amis 's novelistic method , ‘ ventriloquism ’ , has the drawback of suggesting that when an author throws his voice , the character who receives it will necessarily be found to be inanimate , a dummy .
13 Larkin 's poem complains in concert ; it takes up the question of what it is to be sexually debarred .
14 Levi 's double life as chemist and writer suggests that if art and work need to be separated , according to a certain sense of what it is to be a Jew , art and work are nevertheless very often the same .
15 The point of preparation is to be well tuned and at the same time flexible to new interpretations and ideas .
16 Get in touch with the true essence of England , what it is to be English .
17 Perhaps graduates of a number of drama schools might be given a provisional Equity card requiring a minimum number of engagements ( and/or weeks ) to be worked within the two or three years of it 's validity , if the holder is to be accepted into full membership .
18 It is to be noted that , in this , it was the laity who took the initiative .
19 And yet , he wrote , if the glass is to be any sort of advance , it will be because of the middle .
20 As such , they need constant updating — especially if the perceived trend towards reduced pub-going is to be reversed .
21 HOTELIERS have slammed as discriminating and illegal the confirmation that VAT is to be levied on packed lunches .
22 The whole issue is to be debated as a conference in Luxembourg in September 1992 .
23 The most common mistake with these cleaners is to be too heavy-handed , which can faintly score the surface , or to rub blades and spoon bowls in an irregular pattern and therefore cause unsightly marks .
24 Few have gone through aerobatic training , and the modern tendency is to be happy with a few hours of stall avoidance training and little , if any , spinning .
25 And certainly that other main arm of executive control — the army — seems little better at this than the police , for the number of participant accounts of their deep structures remains negligible , supporting McCabe 's ( 1980 ) contention that we should be asking of all of these costly institutions , ‘ who is to be controlled by whom and for what reasons ? ’
26 The emphasis of this ‘ directed ’ ( or controlled ? ) research , it was announced , ‘ is to be on pragmatic , problem-solving enquiries ’ ( i.e. policy-orientated research ) , which , it was explained , ‘ would be of cost-effective advantage to the force ’ .
27 And surely , it can be argued , the understanding of what is to be ordered and who is to be disciplined has long been defined and subject to the practical mastery of the controllers .
28 And surely , it can be argued , the understanding of what is to be ordered and who is to be disciplined has long been defined and subject to the practical mastery of the controllers .
29 But it is not just how the new consciousness is to be used which produces problems in handling this new-found wisdom ; it is the very acquisition of knowledge itself which makes the concept of self so dynamic .
30 To walk into a pub function room as I have often done during the ten years I was collecting fieldnotes and see two or three hundred detectives in their ‘ uniform ’ of modern suit and tie , neat haircut , and the fashionable moustache of the times , is to be visibly reminded that there is a narrow symbolic range of bodily correctness within which all policemen can properly operate .
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