Example sentences of "for some time " in BNC.

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1 By working co-operatively , long-term , with the people around me , I hope to continue for some time yet .
2 By working co-operatively , longterm , with the people around me , I hope to continue for some time yet .
3 Chapter Five opens with the information : ‘ Ursula and Kenelm had known my parents for some time , having been introduced originally by a mutual friend .
4 As already mentioned , the Irish bishops had for some time found the separation of church and state both a workable and desirable solution .
5 The result was that the union became subordinated for some time to the hierarchy and a breakaway union of protestant teachers was formed .
6 ‘ Yes , for some time even Sven Hjerson was a fool .
7 ‘ Oh , it 's been around the common room for some time now . ’
8 People who have head lice for some time begin to feel unwell — in fact , they feel ‘ lousy ’ .
9 Also , bear in mind that traces of drugs remain in the system and can be detected for some time after you have stopped taking them .
10 For some time Leonard had been listening to the music of the day , which he shared with his mother and sister .
11 But university life , not least his ability to rent a flat with Morton Rosengarten in Lower Stanley Street ( for some time unbeknown to his mother ) , now allowed him to do this actually .
12 ‘ I 've been selling patchwork for some time now , ’ she went on .
13 I ran to and fro from the kitchen for some time with saucepans and kettles of boiling water .
14 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
15 But at the end of 1989 Mark 2s were still well in evidence ( particularly the air-conditioned types ) and Mark 1 coaches will still be found on occasional reliefs or specials as well as some daily Network SouthEast locomotive-hauled services ( especially out of Paddington ) for some time to come .
16 It also became clear that the 319/321 design would be built for some time yet .
17 For some time Rex has been conducting a correspondence with one of the brewers entirely in verse .
18 However , if the house has been unoccupied for some time , the boards will need to be conditioned with water — this method can also help to flatten wavy boards .
19 As often as possible , they should invite Fido to play and play nicely for some time so Fido enjoys himself .
20 In another passage our final text reads ‘ His words were as if meant for himself , but he spoke them aloud , and he continued for some time to look at his sister like a man perplexed . ’
21 The magazine text brings in the paradox of public and yet as if private utterance : ‘ His words were as if spoken to himself , but he spoke them aloud , and he continued for some time to look at his sister like a man perplexed . ’
22 Very loudly ( ad for some time before ) , a tailor had been singing as he sat at a window in a comer of the yard .
23 I was partly convinced by Culler 's power of persuasion , and for some time thought that the kinds of analysis he described could be assimilated to practical criticism and the English synthesis .
24 The University of Warwick has for some time provided the possibility of studying both English and foreign texts in a comparative way at undergraduate level .
25 I apologize for using the semimetaphorical terms ‘ hard ’ and ‘ soft ’ in this essay , but after puzzling over the matter for some time I can see no other way of setting about it .
26 A spokesman said : ‘ The industry is highly fragmented and business will be growing through acquisitions for some time .
27 There has been intense interest in the British life insurance sector by Australian , New Zealand and Continental interests for some time .
28 Whatever the readers ' perception , Le Monde is changing and will go on doing so for some time to come .
29 ‘ We have operated in recessionary conditions in Scotland for some time so can cope with this .
30 Indeed , the Broadwater Farm Youth Association has expressed its concern about the situation to the police on a number of occasions , and in August 1989 went so far as to close the youth centre on the estate for some time in an effort to stop dealers congregating there .
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