Example sentences of "is [adv] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 The early stages of the rise of Venice arc obscure and ill-documented ; but when it comes into the light of day it is ruled already by a duke or doge popularly elected , yet normally chosen from , and dependent on , the great families of the Rialto , the chief island of the archipelago on which Venice is crazily and romantically constructed .
2 Now are aware that are losing the agency stuff therefore services should improve generally but this is mostly and the business travel , you know duty travel , cruise positioning that sort of thing , to the extent that erm and two of the ops people paid a visit to last week for a liaison meeting and one thing that I thought was absolutely remarkable that came out was in respect of complaining that they could never get through to anybody in erm in , they could n't get a reply from the extensions and they could n't send messages or anything .
3 ( d ) Agreed price As mentioned previously , it is essential to ensure that this is properly and finally negotiated at the commencement of the transaction .
4 The government 's view , though , is widely and increasingly disputed .
5 Drama , inevitably , is more culturally specialized by language , but in many of its other elements of movement and scene it is widely and inherently accessible , as is clear in mime and was very evident in the silent film .
6 Nurse del Puablo is widely and justly celebrated for her skilled hands , hot thighs and soft lips , her pretty belly , bad ass and good tits .
7 The apparatus put in its place , of social fund grants and social fund loans , is widely and almost totally discredited .
8 ‘ It is since that I studied it , ’ said Greg .
9 Dr Mahmoud al-Sharief , Jordan 's Information Minister , said the best antidote to radical Islam was to give fundamentalists some power rather than jail sentences , to make them ‘ deal with the world as it is rather than as they imagine it to be ’ .
10 Thus the Metropolitan Commissioner 's testimony to a brand of tyre as a major contribution to road safety carries weight because of who he is rather than what he looks like .
11 The basic theory is rather than with increasing variation in boat shapes and canoeing activity we can no longer use one single approved style of paddling .
12 Learning is therefore seen in terms of where the child is rather than where we hope he might be .
13 At home rewards are ‘ ascriptive ’ , depending on who one is rather than on what one does .
14 Er I had or trying to provoke us , and erm what our lads have been informed is rather than take a situation on like that , it 's better just to turn around and walk away .
15 So what you need to do is rather than have a big block of writing okay which is going to look not really in the format of this kind of newspaper is it ? what you tend to get in the tabloids is loads of these little ones .
16 Someone paid them good money , a lot of money , to do that — this so-called ‘ friend ’ they mentioned — so if I were you I 'd be trying to work out who he is rather than getting on my soapbox .
17 The question is rather whether the accounts ought to record it in a meaningful way .
18 George continued with deliberate diffidence : ‘ It 's all rather confidential I know of course you 'll respect that ; the problem is rather whether you feel you can disclose anything from your side without an official request from Security and I 'm sure you 'll understand why we 'd rather avoid that at this stage … ’
19 But for the moment , that 's not the point — which is rather that those who have been , legitimately or at least understandably , affronted by the pretensions of Olson as poet should not therefore write him off as anything but what he was : an exceptionally earnest and magnanimous man , and a man moreover who knew , as few poets since John Milton have known , what the polity looks like from the point of view of those who administer it day by day .
20 This is not to suggest that consistency is an unworthy value : the argument is rather that there is a need to decide upon the categories to which the argument of consistency is being applied , and above all to recognize that simple resort to the allegation of inconsistency might serve to conceal the conflict between a number of social interests or principles .
21 It is rather that people can get to the stage of remembering some experiences , quite often the good ones , that were shared with the person who has died .
22 It is rather that he realigns fantasy and fact by using a set of ready-made and entirely artificial rules governing talking animals to explore the workings of a no less unnatural , controlled and rigidly inhuman system .
23 It is rather that the whole point of a national curriculum will be lost if it can not be assumed that children at 11 will be ready for whatever is the generally agreed content of the first year at secondary school .
24 The point is rather that we now have a strong data base from which to operate , and that the technical means are now available which would reveal precisely what our signals do mean ; perhaps to show that there are monsters , perhaps to find , at least beyond reasonable doubt , that their existence is too unlikely to warrant further study .
25 It is not , stresses Pavitt , that the UK has abruptly ceased to invest in computer hardware and software in the current recession , it is rather that companies which invest prudently , for example , in a better accounts receivable system to improve their cash flow , are likely to outweigh the number of competitive advantage go-getters .
26 The sense is rather that this is how man 's lot came to be , and he should accept it .
27 It is rather that there is a fundamental difference in the distribution of syntactic features between the two modes .
28 It is rather that the idea and ideal is always likely to function as a corrective to complacency rather than as a prop to It .
29 The point is rather that the so-called independent check is a mere repetition of the procedure which it is supposed to be checking .
30 In fact , language , through abstraction , is a much more efficient form or communication and possesses much more control over its interpretation , and it is rather that this difference in evocation is less likely to be evident in artefactual symbolism than in linguistic symbolism .
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