Example sentences of "to the of " in BNC.

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1 It was now 10.00 pm , so in 3+ hours they would all be woken and taken by fathers ( mainly volunteered by their wives ) to the of the action — the place known as Oxford Ice Rink .
2 No doubt " and emptiness " adds a further precision or perhaps elaboration to the of line A ; that is to say , to the idea of ignorable non-existence is added that of chaotic absence of form .
3 We can not leave it to the of individual members , that would produce chaos and could leave to destructive manoeuvring .
4 In the meantime , practitioners who are concerned with transactions in land will wish to be adequately informed as to the of impact of the new tax and of the pitfalls be associated with it .
5 and , and that really would lead to the of self not of detriment of self
6 Er , the only authority that was given was the authority to arm the officers by Mr which he would have put in to writing , er he was aware as to the method of entry to the of the flat but that no authority , no written authority was given for that .
7 These advantages appear to me to outweigh the disadvantages identified by Mr of there being more outsiders in the family household , possibly homesick and unhappy carers who are not living in their own homes , but at the establishment and the trouble and worry to the of what would be not infrequent , recruitment of new carers for Mrs , I hope perhaps a trifle pessimistically thought that on average carers would not spend more than about a year of course , some longer , some shorter , because such carers necessarily had to be fairly young , fit , strong people and the stresses and strains of the er the whole business she thought would lead to reasonably rapid turnover , not the emergence of long-term carers who might stay for a number of years , er , as I say I 'd rather hoped that she may be unduly pessimistic about that , but , that , I accept what she says about it .
8 As they approached Jerusalem near the towns of and they came to the of olives , Jesus have decided ahead .
9 to the of the course .
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