Example sentences of "to [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 But inexperienced deputy Ian Ironside definitely keeps his place for the trip to Southampton after helping Boro to wins over Manchester City and Leeds United .
2 Martin Head has guided them to wins over Walthamstow Pennant , Basildon United and Canvey Island .
3 Having fallen back from about 360p to 320p over the last few days , Fisons ' top management was busy round at Hoare Govett yesterday , trying to reassure nervous institutions investors .
4 An advancement means a sum of money paid to a child to start him in business or to make a permanent provision for him ; it does not include casual payments given as a present or to help to tide over temporary difficulties .
5 Despite a run of small harvests , the cellars in Reims and Épernay were brimming , and it was estimated that had sales maintained their 1932 level , the Champagne houses possessed sufficient stock in hand to tide over sales for the next thirty-three years .
6 The communiqué , dated May 27 , reiterated Pyongyang 's past efforts to avoid formalizing a " permanent split " of the Korean peninsula through dual membership , but concluded that " we have no alternative but to enter the UN at the present stage as a step to tide over such temporary difficulties created by the South Korean authorities " .
7 Grants can be made to assist members in cases of illness or convalescence , to provide money for necessary holidays , to tide over temporary financial difficulties , or to meet other emergency situations .
8 Steve Groves for ‘ We shot it yesterday when it was 3 feet higher' ’ Nick Reason for ‘ Dad , I know you 've got to have a head for heights to canoe over a waterfall like that but why 's that man got two heads ? ’ ,
9 Last summer , he and fellow Teesside Polytechnic student Paul Kuiken , 19 , were prevented by police from becoming the first to canoe over the 72-ft High Force waterfall in Teesdale because of fears they would be killed .
10 He died before he went to trial over the matter .
11 The Hungarian government has issued a protest to Czechoslovakia over the continued construction work on the Gabcikovo Dam on the Danube — a focus of growing tension between the two countries [ see ED 57 ; passim ] .
12 The trains to Brighton over this route brought echoes of the old Sunny South Express .
13 We can then see that any person 's inclination to acknowledge obligations and responsibilities to specific relatives is subject to change over time in ways which are patterned and predictable , at least in part .
14 Finally , it is emphasised that conditions in the eurobond market are subject to change over time , secularly as well as cyclically .
15 The overwhelming impression left after the debate is of a Tory Party spilt from top to toe over Europe , and a Prime Minister unable to heal the rift .
16 She follows this with a beautifully breathy version of Cole Porter 's ‘ You Do Something To Me ’ ( from ‘ Red , Hot & Blue ’ ) and the Marilyn Monroe classic ‘ I Want To Be Loved By You ’ ( boo boo be doo ! ) and ( next week , fan mugs ! ) you get the chance to buy the second half of this two CD set including the title track ( again ) plus ‘ Someone To Watch Over Me ’ and — wait for it — ‘ My Heart Belongs To Daddy ’ .
17 The recent flood of cheery indicators is so good that it almost certainly condemns the beaming government to setbacks over the coming months , and to talk of a double-dip recession .
18 Even with a £30,000 loan , a customer could have saved up to £2,600 over the last five years .
19 Evidence of excessive demand There is some observable good sense in this argument , and it helps to explain why sterling has not hit the fan a lot earlier , during a truly spectacular swing from surplus to deficit over the past two years .
20 Existing users will be upgraded to OpenVMS over time .
21 Britain is protesting to Germany over a planned mission to Baghdad by former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt .
22 Britain protested to Romania over the violent crackdown on dissent and urged Romanian state employees to overthrow the Communist government for their own safety .
23 Diplomatic relations between the two nations were resumed in 1955 , but a peace treaty has yet to be signed , largely due to disagreements over possession of certain of the Kurile Islands taken by the Soviet Union at the end of the war .
24 However , Reichel himself claimed that he did not know the true reason for his dismissal , saying that he thought it might be due to disagreements over scientific policy .
25 Both sides refused to elaborate on the reasons for Bowman 's departure , but press reports attributed it to disagreements over the pace at which the authority sought to bring water standards up to European Community standards .
26 Seineldin attributed a bomb which exploded on Dec. 21 , 1989 , in front of Army headquarters in Buenos Aires to discontent over pay and to the " lack of attention " paid to non-commissioned officers .
27 Some of the other changes were intended to take account of a number of anomalies that our experience had brought to light over the years since 1969 .
28 Superintendent if any other information had come to light over the next few hours would you have reconsidered the matter ?
29 This is not about democracy , this is dictatorship , your trying to practice over a minority of people in this county .
30 The coupling capacitors are chosen to be of sufficiently large capacitance to present negligible reactance to signals over the operating bandwidth ( frequency range ) of the amplifier .
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