Example sentences of "in two [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 A completely new Midland timetable was introduced in two stages in October 1982 and May 1983 .
2 The traffic forecasts are made in two stages .
3 Data , once collected , should be analysed in two stages .
4 There followed a 22 per cent pay rise for the firemen , a 14 per cent deal for the bakers , and no less than 30 per cent , in two stages admittedly , for heating and ventilation engineers .
5 Effectively this happened in two stages — the first in the 1920s and 30s when British colonialism wanted to create an intermediate class in East African countries , and the second after World War II when Britain in common with other Western European countries was faced with a chronic shortage of labour .
6 The two-spring injector ( which introduces the fuel in two stages ) as well as turbo charging all help to make the diesel process more efficient .
7 The Church of St Nicholas was built in two stages as the money came in .
8 The questioning process was essentially undertaken in two stages ; the analysis had indicated what information was required or produced , and it was first necessary to check whether this was the case in practice .
9 The analysis of the information objects and communication aspects , carried out as a joint exercise to ensure method economy , was undertaken in two stages , ie first by interviewing a few staff , then distributing a questionnaire based on the initial findings .
10 These synthetic chemicals were first generally introduced in the late 1940s and early 1950s , and are mainly used in two stages in arable operations — as protection for seed at sowing , and as protection for the growing crop .
11 It works in two stages .
12 Edouard defined his work to himself in two stages : first , he would restore ; then he would build and expand .
13 ‘ You do it in two stages .
14 This automation took place in two stages , the first occurring in 1971 and the second , the focus of Buchanan and Boddy 's study , ten years later .
15 Once again , the race was held in two stages , the first being handsomely led by Hunt 's team-mate Jochen Mass .
16 The move took place in two stages with the north London sites relocating first in 1982 and the Kent-based operation transferring to Stevenage in the summer of 1983 .
17 The taxable transfer allowance , paid in addition to the disturbance allowance , is made in two stages ; half is paid to the employee with the first month 's salary in the new position and the remainder paid with the twelfth month 's salary in the new position .
18 According to the best scenario , therefore , the Directive will be implemented in two stages , in January and April 1994 .
19 This scale is used in two stages .
20 It works in two stages — one pill which detaches the foetus from the womb lining , followed by prostaglandin , a hormone that triggers contractions which expel the foetus .
21 The second vote takes effect in two stages .
22 The empirical research in Belfast was carried out in two stages .
23 Rather the question has to be approached in two stages .
24 This question will be approached in two stages : this chapter develops the conceptualisation of social collectivities and the relations between these and political forces , and attempts an historical outline of the development of these relations in Britain since 1945 , while the following chapter is a fuller essay in the analysis of the specific relationships between economic class structure , social collectivities and political forces in the period of emergence of Thatcherism and of Thatcher 's government 1979–1982 .
25 In Marx 's view , this ‘ total mechanism ’ or regulated system of division of labour within the enterprise develops in two stages : those of manufacture proper , and large-scale machine industry .
26 When classification takes place in two stages , first statistically and then conceptually , then with luck all the noise will be eliminated in the first stage .
27 I used a stratified sample technique in two stages to ensure an adequate representation of singlehanded and group practices .
28 Beyond Burglen at Brugg is the bottom station of a cablecar which , in two stages , runs up to the Biel mountain inn below the Kinzig Pass which provides a track through to the Muota valley at Hinterthal .
29 In this way silent viewing is an aid to listening comprehension and the goal of comprehension is approached in two stages .
30 With the new structure plan/local plan system , the preparation of planning proposals was done in two stages : draft and final , with exposure to public consultation .
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