Example sentences of "it 's [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Could , could I just say that Homeward , I mean there the , the parking is obviously a problem , that that is something that could go by , but I mean , I went to , the last time I went to Homeward , and walked out , and it 's before we had all this rain , my shoes were under water .
2 I mean er it 's before they 're conceived that you 've got to try
3 The reason why it 's before you is because of the local plan
4 Cos like , it 's before I go to bed I I sort of get my , my organ out and
5 And you say that it 's it 's since he 's co it 's the since he 's come
6 It 's since he 's been
7 It 's since I 've met people you know , they all seem jolly .
8 Well it 's since you know we had that party last weekend .
9 And if you really want to know what I think , it 's that you Cretaceous people are insanely arrogant .
10 ‘ What angers me about the system goes beyond the unreliability of ‘ proof ’ … it 's that the way criminals are dealt with has nothing to do with rehabilitation and readjusting people who 've stepped outside society 's norms .
11 If there 's one thing I 've learned out of the past six years , it 's that anybody can get out of anything if they try hard enough . ’
12 It 's that the class antipathies of black American culture the ‘ rap gap ’ have grown too wide for any one person , star or politician , to bridge .
13 It 's that at the age of 34 , fourteen years after first shambling on stage in downtown Chicago , having criss-crossed the stand-up circuit from coast to coast and guested on very hip chat show from David Letterman to Arsenio Hall , he should be bigger than he is .
14 It 's that I 'm so skinny , ’ Rab said .
15 It 's that crackpot Mark Lemon with his idea for a comic magazine .
16 It 's that relentlessly upbeat approach that really grates with me ’
17 If I have a gripe with Hartke , it 's that the reproduction is just a little too clear ; missed , fluffed and dissonant notes are all too easily discernible .
18 They talk about it as if that 's such a long period , and yet it seems like yesterday when my last one came out , but you do n't realise it 's that long ; you do n't sit round watching the calendar .
19 On the other hand , it 's that L.A. sound , and that 's what the Utopia is all about .
20 Mostly it 's that they do n't travel well , whatever flightcases you use .
21 So it 's that Vibes question again .
22 In fact , if they do have a complaint , it 's that they would probably like me to go back full time — which is very nice to know ! ’
23 If we go to an exhibition together we find that we like the same paintings ; so I think it 's that we have an empathy in our way of painting , in the whole attitude to painting .
24 ‘ I wonder if it 's that Jack the Ripper , ’ she laughed , and followed Dad out to the shed , leaving me with Liza who had just come in .
25 When asked eight weeks ago what her dream for the future was , Tatum replied : ‘ It 's that when John 's career is finished he takes care of the kids while I make two pictures a year and get to pick my scripts and work with whoever I want .
26 If there is a problem , it 's that , while all the individual elements make sense , put together they generate an exhilarating overload of 24K sound and post-industrial fury which is in danger of signifying nothing in particular about cyberspace or anything else .
27 Myers continues : ‘ Hopefully , it 's not that we 're stupid , it 's that we 're naive and uninitiated .
28 It 's that Dee who 's having the party .
29 It 's that that keeps me going .
30 It 's got nothing to do with national security ; it 's that they may embarrass some dear old buffer who did a lot of damage .
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