Example sentences of "it for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 The maths teacher had been , Maggie knew , contemptuous and rude and sexist , but Maggie felt that Phoebe should have put up with it for her sake .
2 I want it for her own good .
3 She wore it for her lover who was far , far away
4 Oh , she wore it for her lover who was far , far away .
5 ‘ Got it for her week before .
6 Grandma would use it for her buttonholes when she went to church , along with a flower or two .
7 It tasted heavy and there was too much whiskey in it for her taste .
8 She did it for her father and liked to do so in the one part of the house that was totally his .
9 Lawyer D told her that a jointly-owned house would become the sole property of her husband after her death , and she could not in any way guarantee her share of the money invested in it for her children .
10 During her pregnancy , Priss had read a great deal about past mistakes in child rearing ; according to the literature , they were the result not only of ignorance , but of sheer selfishness : a nurse or a mother who gave a crying child paregoric usually did it for her own peace of mind , not wanting to be bothered .
11 I 'd like Mrs Perks to have it for her little boy .
12 She had fought hard to make a new life for herself — and there was absolutely no room in it for her husband .
13 When she was a teenager she used to go round wearing a blanket with a hole cut in it for her head .
14 A nine year old child bought petrol from the defendants after falsely stating that his mother needed it for her car .
15 No , I trimmed it for her last week
16 her Mum bought it for her er pure wool
17 Strip away the insincerity and the hype from the music business and see it for what it is , a jungle .
18 If you are paying a little more for the food you should enjoy it for what it is — avoid recipes which suggest such things as stuffing breasts of chicken with Parma ham mousse , then wrapping them in smoked salmon and poaching in wine before serving with a cream sauce .
19 Horst Urban , Continental 's boss , is unimpressed with Pirelli 's elaborate scheme and rightly sees it for what it is : a takeover .
20 If we can recognize it for what it is , then we are well on the road to dealing with it , and being able to put it behind us .
21 ‘ No one knows more than me how much I owe to this country , how much I vow to give back to it for what it has done to me , ’ he said .
22 A piece of rope was tied to it but the knot was difficult to undo and , after fiddling with it for what felt like hours , he still could n't pry it loose .
23 ‘ It is not a birth-mark and , if I had rid myself of my preconceptions , I would have recognized it for what it is , on superficial examination of the subject . ’
24 But behind some of the peeling doors painted in council colours , there burned ambition that would have surprised the rest of the street had it recognised it for what it was . ’
25 It would do me no harm to accept it for what it is : an idiosyncrasy of chub , and stop trying to find out why .
26 ‘ When I play , some days it 's off , some days it 's on , and I take it for what it is .
27 ‘ I think most of you are in it for what you can get .
28 But instead of meeting each problem separately and assessing it for what it is , the anorexic thinks she has a master-plan , designed to solve them all at one stroke .
29 After the case , Mr Fox said : ‘ I 'm glad he 's gone to prison , he deserves it for what he did .
30 We want to change the whole concept of how dance music is appreciated , so that people can see it for what it is .
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