Example sentences of "it was [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It was everyone 's dream to mix their album in their front room and that 's the kind of studio it was at the time .
2 By and large , those who approved of conscription when it came did so because they believed that it was everyone 's duty to serve in the armed forces in any case .
3 Set a short distance off a minor road , approached by a winding drive flanked by poplars , it was everyone 's image of the ‘ little place in France ’ , rustic but well-proportioned , manageably spacious , restrained but not austere , a Cotswold farmhouse with a French accent .
4 Willy voiced the philosophy he had learned by experience — it was everyone for himself ; if you did n't take what you wanted , no one was likely to give it to you .
5 Some semblance of co-operation was finally attained only on the grounds that it was everyone 's responsibility to protect the band from the internal dissension and strife which the affair was creating .
6 If the boy had a ‘ gift ’ then it was everyone 's duty to see that it was not wasted .
7 It would be possible to have a society in which it was everyone 's personal rule to refuse all help to the needy , but as someone who might be needy myself I can not truly will that all should turn their back upon me in such a situation .
8 At home people rallied round automatically ; it was taken for granted that if someone was in trouble then it was everyone else 's business to help .
9 Pete Coleman was caddying for Bernhard , and Pete had caddied for Seve , for a time , so he was thinking it was one-up to them .
10 ‘ I knew it was summat of the sort . ’
11 It was summat like er I du n no , it was summat like five hundred pound a year .
12 It was summat like er I du n no , it was summat like five hundred pound a year .
13 yes I think it was summat like that June
14 say if it was yourself and father who both were n't well , he would , if you just pick up the phone and say , I 'm running short can I have a b b and he , he brings it round , like you know , j j
15 ‘ No one , ’ said a judge who had watched Slime , ‘ could ever again look at a pond and fail to remember that it was somebody 's home , ’
16 No I , its not my speciality , I have tried and I , I really ca n't , I ca n't cope with the discipline of it at all , it , it er ruins the activity that I have , I know some people , one , one woman I was on the course with , it was n't you was it Phillip ? , it was somebody , was it you who worked , no
17 But the money coming in from that A B C erm it was somebody from Grimsby who got into terrible trouble not not problems really with the T P A.
18 Well , it was somebody who wanted to know if her treasurer man was here ?
19 Are you trying to tell me it was somebody 's fault ?
20 It was it was somebody I knew er in the club .
21 Unless it was somebody we have already used , and that really boils down to one person in York , and she 's shown no signs of applying , so .
22 Yeah so if it was somebody you did n't like you could say , here I saved you one of these , have a look at number element , very useful
23 Well it was somebody who could work horses I suppose .
24 Sometimes when the grave digger dug the grave , they would find er that it was somebody else 's grave and they had o start again .
25 I did phone through the week because , yes it was somebody
26 I know it was somebody that he come chasing at , chasing after .
27 And thought it was somebody else .
28 It was somebody else Robert who was in there already .
29 No , I I think it was somebody I was talking to from Bretford who said that she 'd gone she was looking after the
30 and we were well it was somebody who was a stranger to me but allegedly she was related to the family or something
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