Example sentences of "it is that " in BNC.

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1 Naipaul 's readers could well have become inclined to ask why it is that his novels seem to say that there is nothing to be done in , or with , the countries of their concern .
2 All four books reveal a steady concern with imitation and interpretation , and to read them together is to be clearer about what it is that the writer intends us to think that he thinks about things .
3 It is that there is an obligation to go to Catholic school …
4 If the glass has any virtue at all , he wrote , it is that it refuses to pretend .
5 The easy way to remember it is that for a ‘ lesser ’ number of degrees , you turn ‘ left ’ , e.g. turning from 350° to 320° is turning to a lesser number and therefore you turn left .
6 The first thing to notice about functionalism is that it does not fare any better than behaviourism in providing an account of what it is that V knows and BS does not , for BS could know all about V 's functional or covertly behavioural states ; so there is no lack of knowledge that his deficit could consist in .
7 The beauty of it is that you can easily move them around on the wood .
8 It is that sort of falling-together that reassures you are on the right lines .
9 This to-one-side posture of novelist and novel explains how it is that Raskolnikov and Marmeladov are pointedly at a loose end while Crime and Punishment is anything but pointedly sociological .
10 When Svidrigailov and Porfiry , who never meet — bold again — and who have nothing to do with each other , both tell Raskolnikov that a man needs air , my business is to try and suggest how it is that Dostoevsky 's reader finds himself in immediate dual touch with a Petersburg july day and a universal truth .
11 ‘ The mystery of the coming of a new creature is a great mystery ad incomprehensible , Mrs Virginsky , and what a pity it is that you do n't understand it . '
12 What does emerge from it is that Norris 's way of reading Derrida is likely to make considerable demands on the reader .
13 It is not that academic critics make a conscious effort to imitate their colleagues in the sciences , it is that they have come to adopt their concept of knowledge , and its professional servicing and supportive structures .
14 The more firmly he tells them and the country that , as Prime Minister , he and not they will rule , the more likely it is that he will eventually reach Downing Street .
15 If the complete Porgy reveals anything , it is that Gershwin did not go straight from one hit to another ( as we did here , from ‘ Summertime ’ to ‘ A Woman is a Sometime Thing ’ ) .
16 The more people get used to prodding , weighing and evaluating new planning proposals , the less likely it is that the Hammersmith effect will spread further .
17 So it is that we must also support voluntary action and volunteering as essential in a healthy democracy in a civilised society .
18 ‘ If there is one worry about it , it is that the national curriculum and the attainment targets will only partly tell you about a child .
19 And the weakness of these works is not just that Hall can not integrate ‘ arty ’ steps into jazz without them looking like destitute cliches , it is that his dancers are not adequately trained to look comfortable in mainstream styles .
20 What is particularly boring about it is that all the arguments are circular .
21 If the Rushdie affair teaches us anything , it is that liberals and fundamentalists alike should inspect their principles in a spirit of critical self-examination .
22 ‘ If anything can be concluded from this book , it is that I was born , ’ writes Sisson after touching on that event , which occurred 75 years ago in a building since occupied by the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club .
23 So it is that tomorrow , ITV will screen a profile of the man who spent the first eight years of his life in Abyssinia ( now Ethiopia ) and graduated to serious eccentricity via an English prep school ( where he was beaten ) , Eton ( where he learned to box ) and finally Oxford ( where he was a boxing blue and acquired the dramatically-bent nose which for six decades has lent drama to what would in any case have been a distinguished face ) .
24 It is also said that he leaves the defence undermanned , but neither charge was proved on Saturday as Barcelona rode adversity in an absorbing match that emphasised , as one knew it would , how hurried and imprecise so much of the British game has become and how necessary it is that we cherish such exceptions as Liverpool , Norwich and Nottingham Forest if the art is not essentially to be driven out .
25 The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police might care to ponder why it is that juries increasingly dismiss the sworn evidence of his officers in favour of those accusing them of gross impropriety .
26 It is that there is no community to appeal to ; for the phenomenon itself is the evidence that there is more than one community , or a divided community .
27 What a strange freak of human history it is that the Declaration of Independence should be among the lineal ancestors of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights !
28 If parliamentary self-government is the essence of British liberty , the condition upon which we enjoy it is that the United Kingdom is politically distinct and separate .
29 If the unconscious means anything whatsoever , it is that the relation of self and others , inner and outer , can not be grasped as an interval between Polar and opposites but rather as an irreducible dislocation of the subject in which the other inhabits the self as its condition of possibility .
30 You will understand how important it is that he does , ’ The message was that if there was no agreement at Chicago , Congress might not be in a mood to furnish further British Lend-Lease requirements .
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