Example sentences of "it is for " in BNC.

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1 Shakespeare is the most widely known and read of the classical playwrights and it is for this reason that a piece from one of his plays is nearly always obligatory at a drama school audition .
2 It is for active use , wrote Harsnet , not for contemplation .
3 Reading or hearing of other pilots ' experiences emphasises how easy it is for even seasoned pilots to make mistakes .
4 It is for this reason that Professor Desmond Pacey correctly posits Leonard in his second category of Canadian poets , the socialist-realist group , of which Layton is ‘ the chief prophet ’ ; not the first , the mythopoetic group of Frye , Reaney and Macpherson .
5 This naturally prompts the question what it is for one purely particular object to stand for another .
6 But it is accepted by physicalists of all kinds that the meaning or semantic value of internal states must be analysed in terms of their causal relations to stimulus and response , just as it is for the behaviourist 's dispositions , and is not something they possess in their own right , or of themselves .
7 It is for this reason that any unused ‘ B ’ solution must never be returned to the original container , as it would then destabilise the contents which , in a sealed container without a vented cap , could cause the container to burst , and with a vented cap the solution would eventually become ineffective .
8 Waiting lists are known to be an inaccurate indicator of need , as many doctors do not refer patients if they know the wait will be long ( this is as true for instance for hearing aids as it is for hip replacements ) .
9 A comparison of such different ballets as Enigma Variations , Fancy Free and The Rake 's Progress emphasises how important it is for young choreographers to remember that ballet is an art of the general as well as of the particular .
10 It is for this reason that deconstruction remains a fundamental threat to Marxism , and by implication to other culturalist and contextualizing approaches .
11 However that may be , there are reasons for thinking that the abandonment of England , and of any hopes for her , was not much less momentous for Pound than it is for his English readers .
12 For him , to discover a new writer of genius is as satisfying an experience , as it is for a lesser man to believe that he has written a great work of genius himself .
13 It is for others to offer moral guidance to the newly prosperous Pharisees .
14 It is for a constituency Labour Party to welcome Mr Scargill with open arms , or any arms . ’
15 We know some things about what God does , for once we recognise that there is this mystery we recognise that all that is is God 's doing — though we have no understanding of what it is for God to ‘ do ’ .
16 ‘ The more radical the slogans , the more difficult it is for us the day after in the corridors of power in Moscow . ’
17 Officially it is for ‘ consultations ’ but the usual reliable sources say it follows a series of death threats by white bigots who were displeased when he said the South African-controlled Koevoet paramilitary forces were ‘ on a turkey shoot ’ against Swapo guerrillas .
18 It is for this reason the UK accountancy bodies have put forward the idea of a European accounting standards body in the hope of persuading Brussels to toe the IASC line .
19 It is for government to regulate on behalf of the community , to set the standards and the environmental goals , ’ said Mr Patten emphatically .
20 It is for government to say it will not fund us adequately , not for us to go round saying it rather like a lot of sheep .
21 ‘ The figures are a movable feast , but they show how important it is for anonymised prevalence testing to get under way so we can get a true picture of infection in the population . ’
22 That it does so , so profoundly , is a vital part of what it is for .
23 It is for all the poor farmers .
24 It is for sale together with a coach house with two flats , a courtyard and outbuildings , through Knight Frank & Rutley ( 0285 659771 ) for £650,000 ; the deer , however , come extra .
25 ‘ It will go on being like it is for longer . ’
26 It is for this reason that many of the extracts from the data which we use in the volume are accounts and nearverbatim records of spontaneous conversations in natural situations , for we thought it unreliable to ‘ interview ’ respondents formally ( van Maanen 1982 : 140 argues that most ethnographic data are conversation-based ) .
27 A few are ‘ trying out ’ policing by joining the reserves first , although the common view amongst the reserve police is that it is harder for them to transfer to the regulars than it is for someone without experience to sign up straight away because of the greater number of reasons the police authorities are thereby given for turning them down .
28 It is for this reason that these sorts of incident are particularly disliked by policemen and are marginalized to policewomen , wherever staffing levels allow .
29 It is for this reason that ordinary policemen and women dislike it when the typifications become confused , when decent and honest ‘ victims ’ of crime , for example , become ‘ trouble-makers ’ by taking the law into their own hands .
30 It is for the Association to continue to build a sound foundation of welfare facilities and support that will enable both today 's and the future 's needs to be met — in meeting this objective we are deeply indebted to the continuing dedication of our members and the support of our many friends .
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