Example sentences of "it is [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Mythological stories about them suggest they are necessarily seen in this simplistic way to reaffirm to ‘ real polises ’ that it is they who are the true inhabitants of the pragmatic world of conflict and action .
2 Without denying the great efforts made by the local council and others to improve the estate , it is they who chose not to co-operate with police , not the other way round .
3 ‘ Now it is they who are trying to manipulate us , ’ one reformist said in disgust as he was leaving a caucus meeting .
4 This topic has less attraction for ordinary policemen and women , for although they might take pleasure in thing someone is interested in their views , it is they who run the risks associated with answering questions and from being observed doing their job .
5 It is they , after all , who have always been the symbols of their culture and traditionally it is at their slightest touch that the delicate flower of Izzat can shrivel .
6 It is they who hold dialogue with establishment spokesmen , sitting side by side with white experts and a few Asian men on the ‘ problems ’ and ‘ needs ’ of Asian women .
7 It is they who carry out the traditional infantry role of closing with and destroying the enemy .
8 Police must ‘ find out from our consumers what it is they require from us , how sensitive we are being to their needs and how satisfied they are with the service ’ .
9 Although primarily part of the government 's plans for reducing dependence on the National Health Service , the main beneficiaries will be the Woopies since it is they who can afford private health insurance in the first place .
10 INVESTORS , traders , bankers and managers often operate with only a partial model in mind about why they are doing whatever it is they are doing , and what principles lie behind it .
11 ‘ Why it is they always catch you . ’
12 It is they who have misused the democratic system to give them an unfair majority of power . ’
13 At the time of the cash call the group promised shareholders unchanged dividends totalling 6p for the year , and that is what it is they are getting , the final of 3¾p payable on July 1 .
14 It is they , too , who lend him/her money for the journey and help him/her look for a job in the urban environment .
15 It is they who are most exploited and they are conscious of this .
16 Action is taken against parents , for it is they who carry the burden of ensuring that the child attends school .
17 In cases where women ( and the children they directly control ) collect forest products of one type or another , it is they who are most aware of any deterioration in resource availability , but who are often an inaccessible but important target group in agricultural extension efforts to get conservation methods accepted .
18 Ironically it is they who have a birth-rate which is falling less quickly , thus ‘ justifying ’ that harassment .
19 It is they , above all , who require interrogating when questions about film reviewing are posed . ’
20 If you put that depth of knowledge with the normal Wedding Present , you can see the talent , musicianship and understanding of what it is they are doing , ’ he says .
21 the Government will throw aside the whole of these [ competition ] plans and consider what accommodation it is they want , and what sum of money they are prepared to propose to Parliament , and then let them obtain plans suited to the expenditure they propose .
22 It is they who plucked starving kids from the back streets and made them into heroes before they sank into oblivion mentally and metaphorically .
23 However , before these ‘ middle class ’ witches invite Christians to work with them , it would seem that it is they who really need to ‘ try and understand us and get to know what we believe ’ .
24 This latter group of people will inevitably form the great majority , and it is mainly they who will provide the justification for the establishment of a clergy for the ‘ Alternative Religion ’ , and it is they who will prefer to put their faith in carefully chosen leaders , possibly elected from among the others , and on whom they can call for guidance .
25 It is they who will ensure that the stream will inevitably be incorporated in the goodness which is the Created God .
26 The skill to use them wisely must be learnt by all who would aspire to the role of parents , for it is they who control the future .
27 It is they who have shaped the landscapes we all love .
28 Try and understand what it is they are looking for .
29 Some of them will use their votes judiciously in order to bring about whichever outcome it is they seek : the defeat of the John Major government .
30 As it is they have to brave all kinds of weather , from high winds which whip away their hymn books to snow which engulfs them in that unsheltered spot .
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