Example sentences of "it be that " in BNC.

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1 How can it be that here , on a north-facing cliff , with nothing between it and the North pole and situated more than 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle , the vegetation can look like that .
2 Could it be that there was then more racism in the art world , and that Black artists were being squeezed out at just the time when young working-class artists from the British provinces were finding unprecedented and immediate public fortune ?
3 Could it be that the Germans in the west did not want unity after all , despite those opinion polls over decades showing they did ?
4 Could it be that you are just a little bit jealous of The Great White North — a society , after all , rather less divisive and certainly more prosperous than decaying , decadent Britain ?
5 Could it be that his wife Elizabeth , who was secretary of labour until three months ago , wanted another push in the campaign she launched last May ?
6 Now , how can it be that believing can be ‘ reckoned ’ as righteousness ?
7 How can it be that Jesus could become sin for you and me ?
8 If a son or daughter commits a crime and is sentenced to imprisonment , the court will not allow an anxious father or mother to take their place , so how can it be that my sin can be taken by another ?
9 Could it be that he had invented the entire tableau , he wondered ?
10 And my beloved mother — can it be that she ever existed ?
11 Can it be that the tales I heard in Geneva were true ?
12 There is one astounding omission from this list — could it be that Glyndebourne forgot the anniversary ?
13 Could it be that the Prime Minister did n't want to admit to a U-turn , to reneging on a commitment to European partners , ‘ some of those European Commissioners ’ , ‘ the mining areas ’ and ‘ the people of Britain ’ ?
14 Can it be that governments have in such circumstances authority to pass immoral and unjust laws ?
15 Could it be that she had retraced her steps , worked out that the house was Littlecote and the perpetrator of this heinous crime was Darrel ?
16 But should it be that anyone ever wished to posit that I have attained at least a little of that crucial quality of ‘ dignity ’ in the course of my career , such a person may wish to be directed towards that conference of March 1923 as representing the moment when I first demonstrated I might have a capacity for such a quality .
17 Or could it be that you are deft and capable in practical ways ( needed by a care assistant in social service , or as a nursing aide ) ?
18 Could it be that Albert 's eyes dulled a little ?
19 Could it be that the decision was taken in a temporary depression from drugs ?
20 How could it be that the cells that will form the gut and the bones and muscles are on the outside of the early embryo , yet they will form structures that are clearly on the inside of the animal ?
21 Could it be that the cytoplasm completely controls gene action ?
22 Could it be that a degree of PMS ( I do not mean suicidal or murderous tendencies ) is a perfectly reasonable response by a healthy reproductive system to the unnatural state of non-pregnancy ?
23 At the time of her conversion , she was sometimes ecstatic with love ; on one occasion she returned home , and was so on fire with love which God had manifested to her that all she could utter was : ‘ O Love , can it be that thou hast called me with so much love , and revealed to me , at one view , what no tongue can describe ? ’ — Von Hugel .
24 Could it be that the bureaucrats of primate research saw a way to parlay an admission of poor husbandry into a public relations campaign for the primate centres ?
25 Could it be that the bureaucrats of primate research saw a way to parley an admission of poor husbandry into a public campaign for the primate centres ?
26 Could it be that the fusion community is trying to solve this problem early on ?
27 Or could it be that the front-runner in the fusion race does not look very promising as the basis of a reactor ?
28 Could it be that Octel 's handsomely presented claim that without lead alkyls the roads of ‘ most of the world would be very empty ’ has had the intended effect on one of our more propaganda resistant MPs ?
29 Could it be that the sponsor of the competition — Lloyds Bank — expects to revolutionise its money sorting system ?
30 Could it be that the stripes are intended not for the eyes of lions but for the eyes of other zebras ?
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