Example sentences of "it for [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 The forts and barracks have gone up , an iron chain along the Great Glen , an iron ring round the coasts — you have built it for them , you have clamped these fetters on your own wrists , and I do not excuse myself — my first work was mending the roof of the arsenal at Fort Augustus in 1784 .
2 So I just made up a face , drew it for them .
3 Naidoo reiterated that the NSC was expecting Sacu to come to a decision and could not ease it for them by offering guarantees of future tours .
4 They 're proud of their DIY achievements , which they often find better — and a lot more satisfying — than if a professional had done it for them .
5 No defence collaboration without representation will be the refrain , as Americans increasingly ask themselves what is in it for them .
6 The Labour Department can cajole companies to break the ceiling themselves before someone does it for them .
7 ‘ I 'm gon na fix it for them , ’ she says , and begins trying to stuff the pages back in .
8 Five thousand ambulance drivers can not do their own negotiating — they need representatives to do it for them .
9 Adults , by seeking to be protective and to keep children from pain and distress , actually create it for them .
10 If they could not exercise that power themselves , or count on the eastern empire to do it for them , then they would find it where they could .
11 ‘ Now , the white people who own the plantations are much too lazy to do the work themselves and that is why they buy black slaves from Africa to do it for them .
12 When asking people to contribute money or time the question ‘ what 's in it for them ? ’ always needs to be raised .
13 But some people do n't like having the responsibility of doing their own thinking — they let the Church or television do it for them .
14 She loaned them money , saved it for them or doled it out when necessary , all the transactions being written on the souvenir programme of whatever show she was appearing in .
15 Astronomers at JTL , afraid of being scooped by the amateurs , put out a press release claiming IRAS discovered it first — but they failed to mention the British team that found it for them .
16 If it did it for them it can do it for me ! ’
17 Billy says the next Pumpkins LP might actually blow it for them in terms of commercial success — just when the going was getting really good .
18 ‘ What 's in it for them ? ’ was a question thrown at Murray Cox by the actors .
19 Unable to get their own back on the media hacks , Charles and Diana seemed happy to let the comic pair , clutching drinks and slurring their words , do it for them .
20 New Zealand captain Martin Crowe said : ‘ The spinners dominated the match and ended up winning it for them . ’
21 The London Titfords made silk in Spitalfields ; and a draper cousin could help sell it for them .
22 ‘ Depends on their will power , 'cause nothing else will do it for them .
23 What 's in it for them in doing this ?
24 It shows people what 's in it for them .
25 At this point it 's worth mentioning that one of the best approaches to persuasion in any situation can be to ask yourself : ‘ What 's in it for them ? ’ and to consider what needs ( as mentioned earlier in this chapter ) you can meet .
26 Objective I is aimed at stressing to parents that they are the people who will solve the problem and that no-one else can solve it for them .
27 They will be confused as to why people like them , is it the cash or is it for them ?
28 's interest in discursive structure takes them too far from psychology , and their fascination with an absolutely psychological unconscious brings them too close to it for them to be able to pursue feminist and psychological interests together .
29 First , most clients tell the solicitor what they want and he sets about getting it for them .
30 If they do not [ change the name ] we will have to do it for them . ’
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