Example sentences of "it be [pron] " in BNC.

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1 So what , what , what could it am I right in saying that it 's related to the , the work that you 're doing is related to the particular circumstances the particular problems that people living in flats have had ?
2 I 'm never gon na , I 'm never gon na learn learn it by concentrating on how I 'm gon na do it , I 'm just gon na have to sing it the way it is because I 'm not gon na learn to do it am I ?
3 Interesting Pauline at work , she 's ever so hurt , could n't get over it , she came up to me the other day she said , hello , how long has it been we have n't seen one another for two months .
4 IT IS arguable that successive British Governments , although paying lip service from time to time to the notion of being able to change the institutions of the EEC ‘ from within ’ , have never in reality held out much hope of doing so ; rather , perhaps , has it been their true intent to use the institutions of the EEC to shape the policy of Europe in their own image .
5 Or had it been something more subtle , a pledge that , despite everything , they were allies , that he understood her priorities and would make them his ?
6 Er had it been something that you 'd long sought after you know , like like in the mines where it had been an issue for some years ?
7 In this book , which will also serve as the catalogue for the exhibitions , has it been you who has written about the unpublished drawings ?
8 They would n't have managed eighteen holes had it been you know a hilly course .
9 The raw materials might have been there before — indeed , had n't it been she , Arlene , who had spotted them ?
10 Or had it been his sister ?
11 Had it been anyone other than Marty , I 'd never have spent every weekend preparing and refining the script , then repeating it as I did .
12 Yet had it been anyone else — I would have guessed .
13 The catapult is an Inside thing , requiring that you and it are one .
14 Among these are that a complete network may have only one start event and only one finish event ; that an event is not complete until all the activities leading to it are themselves complete ; and that a network must always move forwards in time .
15 you know in terms of , not necessarily the precise content , but you can get erm some general idea about how people have studied the mental life of blind persons and how , you know , maybe it 's interesting that er presumably most of the people who 've studied it are themselves sighted rather than blind themselves you know
16 So we 're going to see it are we from the flat ?
17 If you start that off we 're not gon na forget it are we ?
18 MR SKINNER believes the monarchy and the structures built around it are what holds Britain back from what he calls ‘ real democracy ’ .
19 But trees and hedgerows are part of the open country , they are an essential feature of the English countryside as we have in the known it are they not ?
20 Well they 're not gon na get it are they .
21 allowed to do it are they now ?
22 no-one 's going to be able to name , na er be able to write it are they ?
23 but I would n't , I would n't mind next year , but it 's just too much hassle just at the moment , and if you look hardly anyone out of our year 's in it are they ?
24 But you 're talking about people who actually do it are you ?
25 You 're not agreeing to it are you ?
26 Sorry just what item is this under , is it are you
27 Right , or rustle the paper even , you 're not looking at it are you ?
28 Tt erm with the F P mailshot er I think a good question to ask would 've been why did you buy it , was there any reason behind it are you happy with it er when it came to referrals I mentioned the tennis club , something you could perhaps develop is , that 's interesting , which club is that
29 So you 're taping it are you ?
30 So It 's a nice enough little house but I 'm not awfully keen on it are you ?
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