Example sentences of "it be for " in BNC.

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1 A royal charter , read aloud by a villager on horseback , proclaims Seamer Fair to be open for business for the next seven days ; but it is not , nor has it been for the last fifty years .
2 Safety from Angel One , whom he felt sure had intended to kill them , had n't it been for Grant 's timely arrival .
3 How has it been for yourself , obviously you 've been here with your children , your husband 's been away for more than a month , in Iraq , there must have been er terrible thoughts going through you mind at certain times ?
4 I wonder , therefore , if I could ask you to take only one copy — would it be for the IBM/CMS or the Sun/3 with UNIX configuration ?
5 Norway 's preoccupation is therefore not how to meet its own energy demand , nor will it be for many years , but how best to exploit its hydrocarbon wealth .
6 ‘ Leave it be for today , ’ Alec advised .
7 For instance , Lister ( 1988 ) asks : ‘ what comfort would it be for elderly and severely ill patients to hear of ‘ competitive ’ NHS hospitals with vacant beds in Liverpool or Devon ? ’
8 How hard would it be for you to live entirely without each of the following basic ingredients in their various forms for just three weeks ? ( choose one answer . )
9 Sir , If you please to send me a scarlet Cardinal [ a short red cloak ] , and let it be full yard long , and rather longer than a yard long , and let it be full , for it be for a large Woman , they tell me I may have a long one , and a handsome one , for 11s but I shou 'd not be willing to give more than 12s , but if you have any as long as that , either duffil or cloth , if it is cheaper , I shou 'd like it as well as , for I am not to give but 12s for it .
10 The more continuous and lasting a direct interpersonal encounter , the harder will it be for the encounter to assume a purely instrumental quality .
11 How will it be for Andrew when the maniac killer is caught ?
12 What life will it be for a child stuck in here ? ’
13 The more formal the meeting , with motions , amendments and voting , the easier will it be for you to record the discussion and conclusions .
14 If the latter , can it be for any offence or only for a serious one , and is the offence in the problem sufficiently serious ?
15 PAMELA : But Mrs. Jervis , let me ask you , if he can stoop to like such a poor girl as me , what can it be for ?
16 What kind of a world would it be for them ?
17 Would it be for seeing into people 's minds ?
18 What will it be for that clef ?
19 Is that on existing beds or will it be for new beds only ?
20 How difficult will it be for her to recover ?
21 Could it be for you ?
22 So you 've got ta go away , think like burglars , and think how easy is it , would it be for me to break into my own home ?
23 ‘ Most men wander out of the way , and fall into error for want of method , as it were for want of sowing and planting , that is , of improving the reason . ’
24 If it were for students in Writing , Publishing and Communications then more emphasis is likely to be given to editorial aids and to the structure of the publishing industry .
25 Sometimes she dared to wonder at the causes for this way of life , for she could see that it did not represent a normal attitude towards society , though it was so deeply bred in her that all aberrations from it were for the rest of her life to seem to her perverse : but when , occasionally , she glimpsed some faint light of causation , she recoiled from it and shut her eyes in horror , preferring the darkness to such bitter illumination .
26 put in a great deal of their time erm going to work and that could be working for er a European or an American right , er some sort of help in the house , or in the garden or whatever , so you had the men doing the same sort of tasks the housework as it were for Europeans and Americans and the women looking after the , the economic development of that little
27 and anyway she rang David up and she said , she did n't say it were for Bet but she said she wanted another two hundred pounds
28 as if it were for best .
29 Well this morning I were listening to er Roy Normal on the , the Welsh radio programmes and he was talking to er various people and he told one young woman who had been in a certain area in world where they were filming , er and she 'd gone to see this filming with Alan Ladd and all these , you know , and anyway she goes she went into the er local chip shop and the er assistant for the film , the labourer came in and ordered , ordered forty packet of chips and er and he was saying oh it were for film you see , so she thought I 'd go down and see what 's happening , so she went down to the pier end and they were all er doing the performance and er , the producer says now all you people there , he says that 's interested , he said would you all go onto the pier , he says and talk he says and read , make it , you know make it interesting , so they all piled onto the pier and er , they filmed what they had to film with the pier in the background and all the people that were on the pier , so this girl was on the film you know , then after it had finished , he thanked everybody , he says now then do n't walk off the pier , he says will you as you 're going off walk past this , the table at the end there and their bloke give them three pound ten a piece
30 They 're not exactly specialist agencies but they have a great deal of experience and they have a commitment to a certain kind of research , and they have , I mean we 've had our run-ins with them as it were , but they have listened , and they 've supported some of our work as well , and I think that they in time will provide a kind of model as it were for a number of erm perhaps less experienced agencies throughout the world , newly set-up ones , as to how it is possible to do consistently good logical rational work in the face of the chaos that a disaster produces .
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