Example sentences of "it be [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 So what , what , what could it am I right in saying that it 's related to the , the work that you 're doing is related to the particular circumstances the particular problems that people living in flats have had ?
2 I 'm never gon na , I 'm never gon na learn learn it by concentrating on how I 'm gon na do it , I 'm just gon na have to sing it the way it is because I 'm not gon na learn to do it am I ?
3 Interesting Pauline at work , she 's ever so hurt , could n't get over it , she came up to me the other day she said , hello , how long has it been we have n't seen one another for two months .
4 In this book , which will also serve as the catalogue for the exhibitions , has it been you who has written about the unpublished drawings ?
5 They would n't have managed eighteen holes had it been you know a hilly course .
6 The raw materials might have been there before — indeed , had n't it been she , Arlene , who had spotted them ?
7 So we 're going to see it are we from the flat ?
8 If you start that off we 're not gon na forget it are we ?
9 But trees and hedgerows are part of the open country , they are an essential feature of the English countryside as we have in the known it are they not ?
10 Well they 're not gon na get it are they .
11 allowed to do it are they now ?
12 no-one 's going to be able to name , na er be able to write it are they ?
13 but I would n't , I would n't mind next year , but it 's just too much hassle just at the moment , and if you look hardly anyone out of our year 's in it are they ?
14 But you 're talking about people who actually do it are you ?
15 You 're not agreeing to it are you ?
16 Sorry just what item is this under , is it are you
17 Right , or rustle the paper even , you 're not looking at it are you ?
18 Tt erm with the F P mailshot er I think a good question to ask would 've been why did you buy it , was there any reason behind it are you happy with it er when it came to referrals I mentioned the tennis club , something you could perhaps develop is , that 's interesting , which club is that
19 So you 're taping it are you ?
20 So It 's a nice enough little house but I 'm not awfully keen on it are you ?
21 You gon na plugged it are you ?
22 Is it are you going to be checked ?
23 You 're not supposed to look at it are you ?
24 Broke down , you rescuing it are you ?
25 You ai n't still recording it are you ?
26 You 're not happy with it are you ?
27 You 're not gon na go far or nothing with it are you ?
28 You 're not happy with it are you really ?
29 When we 've finished it are you gon na give
30 Not really in with it are you ?
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