Example sentences of "it [noun] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Univel Inc will end the suspense that has enveloped its pricing structure this week when it debuts its long-awaited shrinkwrapped UnixWare implementation at Networld in Dallas .
2 It makes even worse reading and it distresses me to have to bring it to the attention of the House .
3 But you need not reply , if it distresses you . ’
4 Penny 's eyes followed it u it darted upward — and then they became riveted .
5 And she said well thing is if I do n't do it Bren I do n't want , you know she 's bound to sort of say .
6 Oh that 's it Patrick I 'm , I saw the Patrick Ashdown , I did n't know what
7 It is , indeed , one of the most telling arguments against the broadcasting of the proceedings of Parliament that by shedding the spotlight on only one facet of the functions of Parliament it misrepresents its role in a quite grotesque fashion .
8 I think , was it Colin I was talk , we were looking at a Porsche the other day , and he was drooling over this Porsche , and yet it does n't do anything for me .
9 Yeah I see if you had it Gary you would of won
10 The the Council looking at the whole process of how it spends it money what it does , I think the theatre the start of this evening we were looking quite close about what we do and how we do it what we do n't do and what we should do and I think from what 's been said this evening will be re look closely the questions you 've raised things that you 've raised we 'll report it back to you in the hope of this meeting that we 'll actually moved forward because I think it 's in everybody interest everybody 's interest if the playhouse closes .
11 Er Jim across , across the road , is it Jim you play on a Thursday so
12 Ironically , Johnson 's lawless image endeared as much as it repelled. he was obviously a player who was easily unhinged but in the odd chemistry of Scotland 's footballing psyche , his recklessness made him a dangerous but likeable rogue .
13 Does it distress you ? ’
14 But surely in that when I said let's see whether it considerations I said .
15 ca n't do anything about it David we 're getting in touch with Blackpool , summat 's gone wrong somewhere along the line , that 's what he 's waiting for a call
16 Is it tea you 're after ?
17 I think it effect they , I think they in fact invited there
18 she 'll get it by hook or by crook , that 's on the , wonder she 's not in jail though for not paying I heard how many time , how much she 's borrowed over Christmas , for at , for , for er , what they call it as well you know er , what they call it Beverley her daughter
19 ‘ Mebbe it wis yer man . ’
20 Hooever bad it wis , ye feel differently aboot it because it wis yer ain place .
21 It wis my idea .
22 Not only does it hamstring itself by trying to please all nations , it also attempts to appeal to a mythical European consciousness that can not exist in the continent whose countries have spent centuries ever more jealously defining their national characteristics .
23 it got on my wick the bitchiness of it all , did n't you , I could n't , I could n't do with it Joy I do n't think
24 He said he climbed up squabbling , seven Debbie had in her hand you never seen nothing like it Joy I could n't , oh it made me really ill
25 ‘ Except that your … is it exorcism you 're talking about ?
26 When given the game , the king was so pleased that he offered it creator anything he wanted .
27 Was n't it Nigel she liked ?
28 But they 've got that get up and do it attitude which all bands should subscribe to .
29 But they 've got that get up and do it attitude which all bands should subscribe to .
30 Is this a quotation or is it Ash himself ?
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